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Topic: KP2 and Fin 2009 thank you

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    KP2 and Fin 2009 thank you

    This is just a follow up on a question I had sort of stuck in another thread because it seemed I needed clarification and, well I was too lazy to start my own thread. So, anway:

    I want to thank Gary and Michael_uk for their insights on getting Kontakt Player 2 and my Garritan libraries working in Finale 2009. I took Michaels step by step suggestion and "BINGO" there were all my Garritan samples ready for use in Finale 2009.

    This is such a great place where if you ask a question (no matter how many times it has been asked before or how "dumb" it may seem and there are many in this community who cheerfully give you the needed help. And I might add without the belittling comments like: Read the faqs, or this is the upteenth time we have answered that, look it up!!!

    I find little to none of that here and it is so refreshing. So Thanks to EVERYONE because this is not just a one time occurence.

    This happens day after day, week after week here in our community!
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    Re: KP2 and Fin 2009 thank you

    What a great post, Rich - You are so right on. The friendliest, most helpful music bulletin board on the planet!

    Very cool that you got all your Libraries working now in Finale.


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