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Topic: Drottningholm - Swedish Roccoco Castle

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    Re: Drottningholm - Swedish Roccoco Castle

    Hi Fred, I loved the music. Is this Fredrik Northman the artist formerly known as Fred Bahaman? Nice brass and percussion! John

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    Re: Drottningholm - Swedish Roccoco Castle

    Fred!! That is fabulous.....

    ....and the castle is nice also but the music.....
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: Drottningholm - Swedish Roccoco Castle


    This was a delightful tour of Drottningholm Castle, and your majestic music, well written and performed, was perfect for the presentation!

    Those two girls were cute...

    Thanks, much enjoyed,


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    Re: Drottningholm - Swedish Roccoco Castle


    A very lovely castle and your music works really well
    with the video. Your brass sounded extremely well, but
    the whole music track was well done.

    Would love to see this in person myself.

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    Re: Drottningholm - Swedish Roccoco Castle


    That was a nice video and strong music to go with it.

    Someday I'll make over there when I can travel in the summer.

    The castle grounds look beautiful.

    The Norrland video reminded me of scenes from a Bergman movie.


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