Forgive me if this is not the right place but it seems this particular forum gets more attention than the Impulse one and my question may get a quicker response

Bought Gigapulse VST about a year ago
Had a few problems with the registration.

Went to Tascam to sort it and they did, giving me a registration number and registration key number.

All was fine, like the program etc

Built a new pc about three months ago and have only now managed to get back working properly.

Went to re-install GPulse and it would not accept the same reg key they gave me from before. Kept re-installing it and although it would come up with a different initial registration number it won’t ever accept the reg key it accepted before.

Trouble is, as we all know, they’ve kicked ‘Giga anything’ into touch at Tascam.

I’ve already mailed them twice and got no response at all - I’ve got a bad feeling about this!

Aside from my having overlooked something stupidly obvious (not impossible) does anyone have any ideas or has this happened to anybody else who can maybe give me some advice

I do seem to recall having re-installed it before a couple of times and during the process it asks to restore using your previous original numbers. But that was before I built a completely new machine

Can’t believe you’re expected to have one install of the software and that’s it - should you re-install it you ‘ve blown it !?!