Hi, I am having some troubles getting the Clone Part 1 Controls tool to work correctly in RMX v 1.7.0f. The result is that I am able to control the same part on any midi channel 1-8 rather than being able to control a different part. What am I doing wrong?

Here's what I have done:-
I have assigned a selection of part 1 controls that are all responding well.
I have assigned knobs/buttons on my midi controller with the same CC values and changed the midi channel for the respective part 1-8. I have confirmed these assignments are sending messages correctly by examining the output.
I have cloned part 1 controls in RMX and when I view all I can see all the parts 1-8 have corresponding mappings (same cc value, different midi channel) and that these assignments match my midi controller assignments.

Yet the result is not as it should be. It seems to behaving more like Make Controls omni rather than clone part 1 controls despite what the SHow All says.

Also, When I clear all, not all parameters are cleared. Using the Show All feature shows channel 0 assignments for each part, which I know nothing of. Why cant I really clear all? Why are these Channel 0 assignments coming from ?

Part 1
Parameter: AuxSend0 CC: 35 Channel: 0
Parameter: AuxSend1 CC: 36 Channel: 0
Parameter: AuxSend2 CC: 37 Channel: 0
Parameter: AuxSend3 CC: 38 Channel: 0
Parameter: Play CC: 34 Channel: 0
Parameter: Mute CC: 18 Channel: 0
Parameter: Solo CC: 26 Channel: 0
Parameter: Level CC: 2 Channel: 0
Parameter: Pan CC: 10 Channel: 0

Help please !! :-)