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Topic: Mouse movements in a pivotted environment

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    Mouse movements in a pivotted environment

    Graphics card: nVidia G-Force 7300 GT
    Driver: the latest 64-bit
    Running: XP64
    Installed: iRotate
    I also did a counterclockwise rotation in the nVidia driver.

    Using standard Microsoft Mouse (from the pre-historic, but still working).

    How do I make the mouse behave like in a normal setup? When tilted the mouse movements are just up/down changed to left/right and left/right changed to up/down.


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    Re: Mouse movements in a pivotted environment

    If i understood what your problem is, theorically, this program can solve the problem:

    Sakasa Mouse:


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    Re: Mouse movements in a pivotted environment

    No it is not. When I turn the desktop in portrait view then the mouse movement turns likewise and that is driving me completely nuts.

    I can turn the view counterclockwise with nVidia driver and/or iRotate (free program). I cannot inhibit the mouse to turn also making all movements just tilted 90 degrees. There must be a solution, but I cannot find it.


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    Re: Mouse movements in a pivotted environment

    Are you sure that the sakasa program cant help you? i looked in the configuration of it and it allows rotate your mouse any degrees and also invert the X and y axes. The configuration of this program is in a little yellow arrow that is placed in your traybar.

    I believe you need to check the "Rotate" box, and put there the angle you need. Also you need to uncheck the invert axes, i believe.

    Just to clarify, Is this your problem?

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    Re: Mouse movements in a pivotted environment

    Marce, thank you for the answers, but I was rather looking somehwere else. Another program, resting in the background, will lower the overall capacity of using Sonar, etc. So I also looked at a "registry" solution, which must be there and also which I couldn't find. Maybe the best thing is buying another mouse with more sophisticated drivers than the standard microsoft for that pre-historic PS/2 mouse.


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    Re: Mouse movements in a pivotted environment

    Well, i doubt that a 32k program will slow down Sonar in any way, and that some enhanced mouse driver will do the trick, but maybe.
    Good luck with your search!

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