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Topic: pianoteq 3 will make you play more expressively

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    pianoteq 3 will make you play more expressively

    The more I practice on pianoteq 3, the more I realize that I'm beginning to play differently. The gradation of energy that you can keep in the strings is simply amazing. I quickly started to feel in terms of how much energy was in the strings, just like on a real acoustic. I'd then just add a little, let it die a little, depending on the music. It is a feeling than no sample lib had attained. It did take a few days to feel the effects though.

    It still has some ways to go in terms of realism and detail, but this is so damn close to being the holy grail.

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    Re: pianoteq 3 will make you play more expressively

    I agree with you Ken. It is a nice tool to have in the toolbox. I just went through a cycle of auditioning virtual pianos and, for me, the expressiveness of the modeled (or semi-modeled) virtual pianos sold me on that technological route. As a general case, the modeled ones seem more like musical instruments to me and leave the fully sample-based pianos feeling a bit flat. When I add to that the convenience of the modeled route (speed of loading, smaller cpu usage, smaller RAM footprint, smaller hard-disk footprint, ...) I decided that I would not go with a sample-based solution.

    In the modeled (or semi-modeled) world, for me, it came down to a choice between True Pianos and Pianoteq3. In the end, Pianoteq3 won my money although, I must say that if I had a tighter budget, I would have happily gone with True Pianos. But the flexibility of Pianoteq3 swayed me over to its side. It's a great tool and it probably will continue to develop and improve.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: pianoteq 3 will make you play more expressively

    I tried the demo and would agree... the playing experience is notably more musical than any sample lib I've played and yes, it interacts with you in a way that actually causes you to create. Like a musical instrument should. It's fun to play.

    That said, the recorded sound of it is still an issue for me, even with the mics and all. In my brief experience with the demo, I was unable to get rid of a certain synthesizer-ish buzz that was noticeable when played at higher velocities. I tried messing with the partials and hammer hardness, but those didn't seem to affect the buzz. Is that there on all models? The demo only has the C3 and M3. Is there a way to dial that back?

    In my case, the recorded end-product is important. But given how good the playing experience is, I'd love to find a way to make it work sonically.


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    Re: pianoteq 3 will make you play more expressively

    ya, totally agree. I like playing it, but don't love the sound.. I tweak everyday, and pretty much have given up on it for now. Else I'll start losing time tweaking it, and less time playing. It seems more to do with how the original piano was voiced, and it's quite clear it's a very classical sound they're going after. But yeah, although it's improved quite a bit, what makes it sound synthetic is still somewhat similar to what was wrong with pt2.3. I just can't seem to fix it no matter how much I tweak it.

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    Re: pianoteq 3 will make you play more expressively

    I think 3.01 is very close to being good, it's just the top end, it is still not good enough.

    That is how I judge VST pianos, and Ivory top end is very good.



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    Re: pianoteq 3 will make you play more expressively

    I appreciate this discussion as I'm right now trying to decide which to purchase Truepianos or Pianoteq. I have the Amber version of Truepianos that was included with my Sonar 8, but I'm really loving the sound of Pianoteq (I'm trialing the demo) ....

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