In response to the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of fans who inquired, I am proud to announce that the Sunday SNORCHAT will start in UNDER ONE HOUR!!!

4pm Indianapolis & New York
3pm Chicago
I don't care what time in California.
8pm (2000 hrs)UK & GMT
9pm France (2100 hrs) (Cent. Eur. Time=GMT+1)
Hawaii 10am (1000 hrs) (GMT -10)

Please join the worldwide network of SNORCHATTERS. We have asked the forum admins to open chatrooms SNORCHAT 1 through SNORCHAT 468.

Snor himself will be in the "regular" chatroom.

If you are unable to check in due to the incredible volume of potential chatters, please persevere. An opening may well occur if you try hard enough.

See you in roughly 45 mins...