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Topic: Seeking WAV Sound Library to use in game

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    Seeking WAV Sound Library to use in game

    I'm part of a small MMO type game that is seeking to add a music system of sorts to the game, as such they are in need of a relatively inexpensive but decent quality sound library to use as the basis of that preferably in wav format While other formats could certainly be converted to wav, it would be ideal for the library to be in native wav format to avoid additional costs to get an application to convert the samples.

    They are looking for orchestral/ethnic/egyptian type instruments.

    Does anyone have any ideas on a library that fits these needs, and has a flexible licensing agreement to allow the samples to be triggered in game?

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    Re: Seeking WAV Sound Library to use in game

    You should explain what are you looking for - music, sound effects or instrument samples. Those are very different products with very different price ranges.
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    Re: Seeking WAV Sound Library to use in game

    single note instrument samples, like you would use with a sampler. They are adding a very simple sequencer into the game to allow players to compose songs to be judged by the other players.

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