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Topic: Question for Michiel Post

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    Question for Michiel Post

    Hi, Michiel,

    I have just purchased a copy of your Post Prepared Piano on eBay from Soundengine.com. I had contacted the seller before bidding and he assured me he was an authorized vendor, and the product was new, unlicensed and legit.

    I won the bid, he shipped promptly, but what I received was in an unsealed standard CD jewel case, not with the cover displayed in your ads.

    I don\'t need or care about the cover, but I wanted to insure that he is indeed authorized to sell this CD.

    If you need to contact me privately, my email is below.



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    Re: Question for Michiel Post

    Hi David,
    There\'s nothing wrong here. SoundEngine is a distributor of the title \"\'Post Prepared Piano\" in the original Akai S1000 format.
    But thanx for letting us know anyway and have fun with the prepared piano!

    Michiel Post
    Post Musical Instruments
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Voice: +31 20 4041 687
    Fax: +31 20 4041 689 www.postaudiomedia.com www.postmusicalinstruments.com
    email: mpost@xs4all.nl

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    Re: Question for Michiel Post

    Thanks, Michiel. A fun library-and saves my Yamaha for real recording of people who don;t want to consider the GS piano, because they\'ve got to have it real!


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