By this point I've read everything and have seen all the tutorial videos. I'm using an Axiom 25 controller to control an instance of RMX created automatically by dragging and dropping using Live's(7.0.14) device browser -or- by dropping it into an existing midi track. The Axiom has been configured properly in Live's midi preferences. Input to the track containing RMX is set to All inputs and All midi channels.

For some reason, no matter what channel I select on the Axiom, all the midi notes seem to get "filtered" in some way and only track one receives note data as evidenced by the blinking light in the footer. Consequently I can only play groove mode or slice mode thru part one in RMX. I've even tried locking the Axiom to RMX and still no luck.

There must be something that Live is doing to the midi data because everything works as advertised in Sonar using the same controller. i.e.- each part will play back in groove or slice mode when I change the Axiom to it's corresponding midi channel.
Anybody else using Live that can shed some light on what I might be missing, I'm going nuts.

edit- the transport controls also work somewhat erratically in Live- especially in a complex user multi. Sometimes if I hit the spacebar or the stop button on the Axiom the host will respond but RMX will keep playing some of the parts until I hit the stop button a second time either in Live directly or on the Axiom.