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Topic: Tech Dept: Robot Violinist

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    Tech Dept: Robot Violinist

    Can this be the future for MIDI?


    Programming Robots a Specialty

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    Re: Tech Dept: Robot Violinist


    ya gotta love the vibrato, which we all know is created by alternating
    softer and harder finger pressure to create the vibrato
    The programmers of the robot knew enough to try to convince the
    viewer that the vibrato was real during the fingering closeup.
    Smoke and mirrors.

    I wonder if people who buy Toyotas realize just how much of their money
    is going into Robert Bott..... instead of their cars!


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    Re: Tech Dept: Robot Violinist

    I seem to remember reading that the robot is designed for medical applications and the violin playing (including vibrato) is meant to display the fineness of its motions. Cool movie.

    -Chris P.
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    Re: Tech Dept: Robot Violinist

    If this is The Land of Hope and Glory (Elgar) then I'll buy a one way ticket to elsewhere.


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    Re: Tech Dept: Robot Violinist

    Japan has an aging population and needs care givers.

    I believe this Honda press demo video was released today.


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