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Topic: MachFive2 Automation doesn´t work

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    MachFive2 Automation doesn´t work

    Hi there,
    I´m kind of desperate, I don´t get the automation right on my MachFive2.
    I tried the host automation, it´s Logic 8 but simply some volume changes on different parts cause trouble on the master volume of the M5. Seems as if Logic cannot distinguish between the different Midi channels.
    As far as I can tell each part got his own channel, in the M5 as well as in Logic, I don´t know
    Even worse trying to adjust the M5 to my logic control or the Korg49. I don´t understand why e.g. the RMX and Omni work so easy, no problem to create whatever template and I can´t deal with the M5. Anyone out there who already faced and maybe solved some of these specific M5 Midi "problems".
    Would be a big help, thanks, Michael.

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    Angry Re: MachFive2 Automation doesn´t work

    I have the same issue. I have created a template with MachFive2 with a multi inst cabled to it, with the intention of using those individual MIDI tracks to automate the various channels. Each only controls the instrument volume of the primary channel. Setting it to multi out mode does nothing either. Pisser.

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