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Topic: John Bonham style samples

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    John Bonham style samples

    Hello everyone, I was messing about today creating a John Bonham style sample set for a project.

    Here's what I came up with:


    The sounds first recorded, edited and balanced with in PT using vivtage tube pres. Then I loaded the sounds into reasons Re-drum and programmed the demo, rewired back to PT and compressed the mix. I did not compress the or EQ the samples. On their own, the samples sound good, but when you compress them all together after the fact......I think that is when the magic happens.

    Also, I thought they might have some appeal to others and I am considering releasing these sound commercially.

    I guess I would just like to know what everyone thinks of the sounds, if they would find them useful....etc.......

    Please let me know your thoughts.




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    Re: John Bonham style samples

    Sounds great! The only thing is that when playing the snare quietly, it sounds panned to the left. Try using a stairwell convolution for the reverb to get an even bigger ambient sound.
    Greg Schlaepfer
    Orange Tree Samples
    Ultra-realistic sample libraries for Kontakt

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    Re: John Bonham style samples

    good idea. i assume you've heard these?:

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    Re: John Bonham style samples

    Nice big sound for a close-mic'd kit. I particularly like the tight-but-loose snare.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: John Bonham style samples

    In that genre the Rayzoon (Jamstix) Bonzo Pak is very good. Classic Ludwig kit, up to seven velocity layers with three alternate hits per layer and five degrees of hihat openness, sticks and mallets - $49.

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