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Topic: Deleting cc data

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    Deleting cc data

    I have too much cc data on a track and it's messed it up royally. How do I delete one or two of them (one I want to keep so I don't want to delete it all.) Thank you!

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    Re: Deleting cc data

    woops--I think I just remembered how to do it. Sorry!

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    Re: Deleting cc data

    Girl Composer,

    In Sonar, select your track or tracks and then go into the event list.


    Boy Composer

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    Re: Deleting cc data

    In Sonar - use this cal Fred THIN CONTROLLER DATA.CAL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This thins continuous Controller data. It prompts you for two numbers. The number of the Controller that you want to thin. For example, MIDI assigns the Volume controller to number 7. A thinning factor. For example, if you specify the number 3, the program deletes every third Controller event of the kind you've specified. This program never deletes Controllers with the values 0, 64, or 127, because the goal is to thin the data without destroying the fundamental shape of it.

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    Re: Deleting cc data

    HI, Janet - You said you remembered how, but I'll still add another reply. Notice that in the case erasing CC data, as with all things MIDI, there are usually several ways to accomplish the same or similar things.

    Larry's use of the Event List is one way. I used to use that list quite a bit. But you'll get a list of all controllers and it can be quite a chore to sift through deleting what you want.

    Fred points a very useful feature, a "CAL" script to thin controller data. You get to your list of CAL utilities by pushing CTRL and F1 at the same time. Then, do as he says.

    I do believe the easiest method, however, is to use the good old Piano Roll View. There you use the menu choices at the upper left, and get the window to display as many controllers at once as you have room to display. Each type of controller will have its own display pane. In the window displaying the CC you want, sweep through the window with your eraser tool-->Voila!< all that data is gone.

    I should add that its in the most current versions of Sonar where you can have multiple controller panes visible. In older versions, you need to choose the CC to edit, and you can have just the one controller pane displayed at a time.


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