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Topic: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

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    For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    Hi Everyone, I had hoped to have this ready earlier today, but better late than never, right? This is a tune attributed to the blind Irish harper, Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), called "Morgan Megan". I wanted to do an Irish song and after Larry Alexander did his song using the mandolin, I settled on this tune, using the mandolin samples he mentioned in his post. So the band for this is the Strad, the bass from JABB, a glockenspiel from GPO, and an acoustic guitar and mandolin from Bolder Sounds. I hope everyone enjoys this tune, it's still pretty rough! John

    Morgan Megan

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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune


    You handle the Strad quite well!

    Did you play this all into Sonar?

    Regardless of how you produced it, the sounds are great and the piece makes me want a green beer, or at least go watch the celtics play.

    Well done

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Thumbs up Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    Thanks for the cheerful tune, John!

    I drink a can of beer while listening to the charming music.
    A very kind sounding piece I must say, it has heart and generosity!


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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    Very soothing and enjoyable tune, you did a great job with the Strad, sounds very real and vivid!. I recommend you to review the rhythmic precision in some sections.



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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    Bigears! Is it too late to celebrate St. Patty's Day? NAaaah - any day is good for some folk music, perhaps an ale or two.

    I'm having a great time --I went back in the archives to find something, and now I'm running into other posts I managed to miss.

    Music from you is so rare here--Now I'm REally glad to have found this. It's an extremely rare genre to see being represented here in the LR, and you did such a nice job of it, really pleasant results. Makes me hope you post again soon.

    I understand Victor's note about "rhythmic precision" - there are some bumpy parts that could be smoothed out in a MIDI editor with the quantization grid turned off.

    Nice, my friend!


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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    Nicely done, Mister John. I like that.

    You might work on the general "unsmoothness" of the song. That would improve it greatly, in my opinion. (Is that a word?)

    Way to go!

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    As you know, John, I'm Irish. (My real family name was,
    of course, O'Sosnowskiahan -- but they shortened it
    when my greatgrandfather came to this country.)

    Thus, I can speak with authority, here: very well done.
    This is quite convincing, really; well rendered, and a
    very nice job with the fiddle.

    Much enjoyed!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    Another one Randy dug up from the vaults... I enjoyed this. Very well done - the "fiddling" on the Strad sounds great.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    Oh this is just delightful! I love Celtic music, and this sounds to me just like a live performance in a good Irish pub :-)

    The slightly off-beat rhythms in some sections threw me at first, and then I began to look forward to them. The fiddle is dead-on, I think. I did hear one or two notes in the low parts that sounded off (ie, not in the intended chord), but I realize you are still working on it too, and then again I could be wrong, because my hearing is not so good for low notes.

    A realistic and delightful tune. I think I'll go drink a green beer :-)

    Thanks for posting this.

    Listen at: www.soundclick.com/kepeaceusa
    Scores at: http://stores.lulu.com/ke_peace

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    Re: For St. Patrick's Day - An Irish Tune

    A nice job for this tine. I'm surprised by the length of the phrases.
    Your instrument organization was good in spacing solo work & the one time unison of the 2 instruments.

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