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Topic: No Sound in windows XP Professional Computers

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    Question No Sound in windows XP Professional Computers

    I have two computers wint Windows Xp pro. Installed.

    Both Pc's do not have sound??? I have installed the most current drivers for the soundcards are still no sound.

    I lokk into device manager and there is no conflicts, The devices are enabled, I checked BIOS settings and still no sound.

    Is there a problem with sound cards in Windows XP ? The sound cards are intergrated into the motherboards.

    Please Help.

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    Re: No Sound in windows XP Professional Computers

    There should be a speaker icon in the bottom right corner. Double click on it to bring up the Windows mixer. Verify that the volume is turned up for all of the sliders. Also, check to make sure that Mute isn't checked.


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    Hi alyssa,

    Drivers are frequently updated to eliminate bugs or incorporate other changes. To download and install a new or updated driver, follow these steps:

    1.Connect to the Internet.

    2.Right-click My Computer.

    3.Click Properties.

    4.Click the Device Manager tab.

    5.Click a listed device and a new window will open.

    6.Click Drivers to see what drivers are installed on your computer.

    7.Click Update and Windows will see if you have the latest driver. If not, you can update to the newest version if you wish.

    Also check out the following site:


    Hope this helps!

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    Re: No Sound in windows XP Professional Computers

    Check and double check the windows volume control, especially the mute as this can get switched off, check also the other controls on this panel. Make sure you are using the right sound card if its not the one on the motherboard.
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    Re: No Sound in windows XP Professional Computers

    Maybe the reason is driver problem, last time my laptop was no sound suddenly , I had to uninstall the sound driver and update the new driver, so it working

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