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Topic: OT - Strange healing of my sight

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    OT - Strange healing of my sight

    Since we are now "being medical" in particular Styxx, to whom I wish all the best and hopes it will cure within a short time, I've a rather odd story.

    Last year in spring, I went to the optician to get other spectacles, one for the daily walk about and one for reading and computer work. After september my sight went down the hill dramatically, leaving me with a kind of double-sight as if I was drunk. All characters, notes and even license plates, faces and details of buildings got some extra line/shadow next to them.

    Imagine that this annoyed me, so in november I went back to the optician who couldn't find anything, but the computerized measurement told him that it was time to go to the medical specialist. So, after having to wait for some weeks, the medical specialist took more than one hour to do all sorts of tests and finally gave me the prediction that I suffered from cataract and had to wait until it got worse before some laser-operation could take place.

    Since the beginning of february I got the impression that instead of getting worse, my sight improved and now as I am typing I don't see "shadowed symbols" anymore. Miraculously, isn't it? I must say that since october last year I am taking some medicin against the bit higher cholesterol level (not much but nevertheless it is there).

    Now, having March, I can see as before that second go to the optician. Don't know what happened, but I like this very much. Now I can study the scores better, see your faces better and clearer (when published at the forum of course), so nothing escapes me anymore.... be warned
    I also see better where my money went, being married, you know.....(argghhhhh, don't tell my wife).


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    That is really nice to hear Raymond. I don't have a medical explanation for you but I am absolutely happy to hear your sight is regaining. It's been said before that what built you in the first place can heal you now.

    Very nice news, Raymond ... very nice.

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    Re: OT - Strange healing of my sight

    Great news Raymond.

    Well, Firstly I mentioned that I too am having a shoulder problem and now I can mention that I tore the surface off my eye last year and could see double in the one eye. It was very painful. Since then I have been putting a gooey paste in my eye every night made of parrafin and wool fat to avoid my eyelid sticking to the surface.

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    Re: OT - Strange healing of my sight

    Just laughing, can't we start a medical forum as part of this Garritan Forum?
    Maybe we can cure each other, just by:

    1. good medical advices
    2. good music (the more the better)
    3. shortcomings as we grow older

    Raymond (LOL)

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    Re: OT - Strange healing of my sight

    Raymond, maybe a special section of the forum called "The Organ Recital"?

    Best of luck regaining your vision! John

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