Hi there,
I wonder if someone can help me... before tascam get back to me...
I\'ve reinstalled my CD version of Gigastudio (v2.00.116) along with the rest of windows me and I cannot now start gs up. I get a fatal error in gstdio.exe when I start up GS for the first time. It seems
to be whilst it is checking the instruments to load.
I assume this is a bug that has been fixed in a later version. However, I cannot download a later version since it requires my download registration 4 digit key which
I do not have (since I have reinstalled everything from scratch) and which does not exist in the directory /gsstudio/registration.txt as stated on the web-site. I have already registered before so how do I get access to my
past registration details on line???
Anyone come across this problem (I\'m sure someone has).
Merry xmas... I\'m sure I didn\'t get so much hassle with my old Roland MT-32