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Topic: OT - a bit of history

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    OT - a bit of history

    This week American tourists are visiting The Netherlands celebrating that 400 years ago an English marine captain Henry Hudson in service of the Dutch discovered the Isle of Manhattan and bought the land from the natives for the small amount of 24 dollars. Hence the Hudson river, hence the name New Amsterdam which is now New York.

    Those Americans are visiting the old sites, buildings and other interesting stuff to find the roots of Henry Hudson, where he lived, sailed off to America, etc. I didnt know about Henry Hudson before, so I too find this interesting.

    May be in the future we dutch want Manhattan back to reorganize the finances overthere....... LOL


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    Re: OT - a bit of history

    Hi Raymond,

    Very interesting.

    Living just north of NYC, we're in the thick of Dutch-land in the metro area. Many Americans may not even be aware that there's many places besides "New Amsterdam" of Dutch origin in NYC (I.E, a section of the Bronx named Spuyten Duyvil; the Kill van Kull and Arthur Kill ... using the word kill instead of river, etc.)

    Also, although most Americans have heard of Harlem, the epicenter of Afro-American culture in NYC, it too has its origin in the Dutch ... Haarlem.

    If you could restore financial stability to this mass (and mess!) of rock, have at it!



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    Re: OT - a bit of history

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank D View Post
    If you could restore financial stability to this mass (and mess!) of rock, have at it!
    Put it on eBay, maybe for a fair price I can buy it back.


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    Re: OT - a bit of history

    Hi Raymond -

    I live in "upstate" New York. We "upstaters" refer to "Upstate New York" because it is "up" from "down there" with "down there" being New York City (including Manhattan) LOL!

    (By the way. . . I LOVE visiting New York City. It truly is a great city! But I love, even more, living in "Upstate New York" )

    Anyway. . . There exists a LOT of the Dutch influence around this area; lots of historic homes/museums which retain and show-case the Dutch architecture and way of life. I don't know if you've ever been to the happy and good U.S. of A., but if you ever do find yourself here, I would hope that you find the experience very interesting and informative from a historical point of view.

    I've never been to Europe, but I hope to someday. I would LOVE to visit your country and compare your historical homes to the centuries-old Dutch homes in this area.


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