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Topic: "Nowadays" from Chicago

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    "Nowadays" from Chicago

    I'm back with another showtune arrangement, this time the song "Nowadays" from Chicago (by John Kander and Fred Ebb).

    or, alternately,

    The instrumentation is:

    Alto Sax
    3 Trumpets (Muted)
    Drum Kit

    I think my general dynamic work might still need improving, but I've started to get better on small ensembles like this.

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    Re: "Nowadays" from Chicago

    Hi, Once this gets going, I found it pretty entertaining. Good job on the ending.
    I thought that the bass was a little heavy and ponderous in this. Since the bass is all alone in a pretty small ensemble, it's lines should still stand out even with less volume. Thanks for sharing your work with us, bring some more! John

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    Re: "Nowadays" from Chicago

    Hi, COol - I'm a sucker for show music, so was glad to find your post.

    Fun stuff! I wanted another verse, get it to build some more.

    Have you had a chance to look at the original charts for this, I mean the full orchestral score? Those aren't easy to come by. But could give you some more ideas, Broadway arrangers can be so clever.

    What you have is sounding good, and overall I'd say it could use some more "swing." John's note about the Bass is an example. Just adding a pickup note at the end of measures, so you get ba-Boom, rather than just Boom on the first beat, that sort of thing.

    Is that the GPO Piano? Maybe you processed it to sound brighter, or it's the JABB Piano?

    And is it done from notation?--could be an element to why it sounded more straight than it could have, as opposed to swing which depends on slightly off-the-beat performance as well as how something is arranged.

    Thanks for it--FUn!


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    Re: "Nowadays" from Chicago

    Hi Zidane, in fact it is a very sad song, filled with unfulfilled thoughts. A bit more swing can do good, but - is this on purpose - I liked that honky-tonk sound of the piano. All other comments are already made by the "swing" experts, so I only can thank you for bringing this lovely piece of music.


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