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Topic: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

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    A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    I had a pleasant surprise this morning. Kate and I use the "Google Alerts" service of having emails sent to us with links when there are new items online about various topics.

    Two subjects we receive alerts about are "The Picture of Dorian Gray," and my musical, "Dorian-The Remarkable Mister Gray."

    This morning we received the link to an updated page about "Dorian." From the main page article about "The Picture of Dorian Gray," there's a link to "Adaptations of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray.'" On that page is a more thorough list of stage and film versions, and the new entry is about my show.

    I have no idea who wrote the article, but whoever did knows my show very well, based on the quotation of lyrics. A bit unfortunately, the writer editorializes and says "
    A thrilling new musical adaptation of this classic novel..." rather than the more journalistic "a new musical adaptation."

    However my main concern is that Wiki states, as always, that articles should have citations, preferably embedded in the text, otherwise entries may be deleted.

    I'm very happy to have this longer Wiki entry about the show - previously it was at least listed under adaptations, and the Russian production was mentioned. But now there's this substantially more detailed article.

    I immediately went about grabbing 4 linking citations which could be added to this Wiki, in the hopes that it can make this article more likely to stay online.

    - and looking at the editing page, the info on how Wiki works etc---I've found it too daunting.

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME? If you have experience editing Wiki, I'd really appreciate hearing from you.

    You may use the email address listed under my name in this post. That works much better for me than PMs.



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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    You're right, Randy - the review is a little over the top for a theoretically academic piece. Not that I'm disagreeing with the reviewer

    Anyway, when I need to edit a Wikipedia page, I usually look for something similar on the page to copy. In this case, if you're looking to add citations in the form of subscripts, it's actually really simple (if not completely intuitive.)

    Take a look at the 4th paragraph under the heading Plays and Musicals. As you can see, it has a citation. When you hit the edit link for that section, you can see how the citation should look in wiki format. All it is is the hyperlink surrounded by brackets. Wikipedia creates everything else automatically.

    And, I think I would tone down the rhetoric in the article a little bit - people may think (that don't know you) that you wrote it yourself!

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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    Rob, thanks much for the reply.

    Earlier, when I kind of freaked at the tone of the article, all I did was click "edit"--and the screen that came up was mostly blank and cryptic with its little bit of text.

    So you mean I need to copy the text I want to edit, and then paste it into the editing window--and hyperlinks I want to add will be formatted for me as I go--I think that's what you mean.

    I'll go try again--I'm sure it's simple, but after feeling overwhelmed at the Wiki site, I didn't find editing to be "intuitive"--!

    Toning the superlatives down are Certainly one thing I need to change, since you are so right that some people could think I wrote the darned thing! ARGH! - Bless whoever wrote that - they were trying to be helpful.

    Thanks again - Respond again please if I've gotten your instructions wrong.


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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    --no, I still don't get it. --And I need to sign up so that my IP address isn't hanging out on the post, apparently.

    I did a paste of the text into the editing window. I highlighted something to become a link - it brackets it, --but I didn't see where to put in the address for what I'm trying to link to.


    Randy--frustrated and a bit panicy - this Can't stay up the way it is at Wiki

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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    Let's do this, Randy (I've written and erased two responses already)

    Paste the entry into a PM or this thread, with what you want added set off bold or some other way I can tell it apart, and I will do the edit. It's easier to do than explain, and then you can go and see what I did.

    BTW, Wikipedia will take it's time in removing anything, so there's no need to panic yet.

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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    That's EXCellent, Rob - I admit I'm feeling very rattled, not using enough patience with the process I guess. Inserting the links --mysterious.

    Good news that they're slow on removing things.

    I'll compose the re-write, indicate links--PM it to you.



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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    Go have a look at it, Randy. Let me know what you think.

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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    Aaaaaaah, it looks perfect, Rob. - One thing I didn't get before is that the extra links become reference footnotes, cool.

    My somewhat hung-strung lil self got so alarmed this morning when the Google alert came in about this. I imagine the original author must be someone connected with our production in Salem, and bless him/her, it was obviously written with the best of intentions.

    I think it is more than just Fine For Now, Rob.

    As I said--I owe you!------oh oh--whaddya want?


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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    In case this helps someone - The major error I was doing yesterday when I was hurriedly trying to fix that Wiki entry, was that I was clicking on the large blue EDIT buttons to the right of the entries. Um, seems logical enough. But I was getting a mostly blank screen with a tiny bit of code in it.

    Today, poking around without the stress and semi-panic I was going through yesterday, I saw that at the very top of the pages are tabs - one says "Edit"--When that's clicked, the entire code for all the entries comes up. Well--YEah, that's what I needed yesterday.

    BUT, I still couldn't have done it without you, Rob. You knew some of the fine touches I couldn't have done.

    Still looks fine to me today, so THANKS AGAIN for rescuing me!


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    Re: A bit urgent - Help with Wikipedia editing!

    You are more than welcome, Randy. I'm glad I could help out.

    As for payment, consider it rendered for all the service you provide for the members of this forum. Of course, I wouldn't turn down a spare CoMB or Goff you happen to have lying around

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