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Topic: GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

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    GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

    Everything perfect now that I have a new computer. However, when using GPO as stand alone or with Cubase via midi keyboard everything is working perfectly, but keyboard doesn't respond the same when using sib5. Any suggestions?

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    Re: GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

    Keyboard doesn't play instruments sound, but sibelius does, and mod wheels don't respond.

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    Re: GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

    Hello again, Peter

    Perhaps if your posts had a bit more detail, there would be more chance for helpful replies. But I'm trying to grasp what you mean. I use Sibelius, but am far from being a Sibelius-Meister. But I do have my keyboard and the program working nicely together, so with more info maybe I can help you out.

    To make sure I was responding correctly, I fired up Sib and tested both my keyboard's Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend Wheel - they both worked just as they do when I work in my primary app, Sonar. I already knew the keyboard played properly in what Sib calls "Flexi-Time" input--which is real time playing from a keyboard. You can also of course input notes one at a time, using a MIDI keyboard to trigger the notes in combination with the keypad (either the computer keypad or the virtual one in Sib) to get the note value you want.

    You're saying, I think, that when you push Play in Sib, whatever notes you have in a project play back with the correct instruments - but that when you play your keyboard, the instruments aren't played?

    You do know that you need to set things up for recording before your keyboard will trigger notes. For instance, if you want to input notes into a measure, you first have to select it - then your MIDI keyboard can be used to step through the measure, inputting notes. Push ESC to get out of the measure and out of recording mode.

    I'm stabbing in the dark here, hoping to hit something in the ball park of what you're talking about.

    Is any of this feedback useful yet? If not, please post something with more specifics, and we'll try to do better.


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    Re: GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

    Sorry about delay, but feeling run down the past couple of weeks. However, it is sib5 causing the problem - needs to be re-installed.

    The good side to this is that I spent the time working solely with GPO and it's even better than I really anticipated, especially now that I have my new computer. Will be putting new work up to listen very soon.

    Thanks again

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    Re: GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

    There's the Maestro - I figured Something had to be up since it's been quite awhile since this thread started. Sorry you haven't been feeling good, but glad to hear you're up and at 'em again.

    How have you been working with GPO when you seem to be having Sib problems? By inserting notes perhaps, rather than using the keyboard?

    We never got technical detail on the problems, so I'm still unclear what was happening exactly. I suspected that you were misunderstanding how a MIDI keyboard interacts with Sib - that still might be true, but I can't be sure.

    Update us when you can.


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    Re: GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

    For some strange reason, sib5 sometimes doesn't recognise that the midi keyboard (yamaha cp33) is connected and turned on and does not show on playback devices; but the really weird thing is that I can input notes into score using kboard. Also, there was a bit of a fatal crash with sib5 on new computer (will get round to re-installing).

    Using Sib4 for the moment (scoring only), but when using GPO, I use cubase 4 (I know it's old, but it works).

    XP Pro SP2 AMD 64bit X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 4GB RAM

    ps New work 'Symphony for the Soul'. Please let me know what you think.

    I think I have mastered the basics of GPO.


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    Re: GPO & Midi keyboard (sib5 problem?)

    Hi, Peter - Have you posted this work in the Listening Room? I know other people would like to be aware of it.

    It's very lovely, and the recording is sounding clean. I do have a quibble with the strings.

    I know this is a gentle piece and you don't want to layer in the dramatics in an over-done way, but the strings' volume is So constant, I feel a bit more use of mod wheel, cc1, would get you more realism.

    But perhaps more important - the strings are also cutting off abruptly, as if their length parameter has been dialed down. In the Garritan GUIs inside of KP2, you can change the decay time for the samples. The default value generally works, but there are times, passages with short, fast notes, for instance, when having the cut off quicker is very helpful. And there are times you may want the cut offs to be lingering -and of course then a higher value would be helpful.

    Usually you can find one setting, especially for a piece like this, where the release time is appropriate and natural. If you need different lengths throughout a piece, then that has to become part of your MIDI file--ack, I can't think of which MIDI cc to use for that, rushing out the door or I'd look it up.

    Do you know what I mean though, the way the strings are so constant a volume, and how they cut off so sharply? I feel a more lingering end to phrases would be more appropriate for your piece.


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