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Topic: OT-What does your name mean?

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    OT-What does your name mean?

    Ever wondered about the origin of your name? I recently discovered this website that will tell you where your name comes from and what it means.


    My name, Daniel Powers, in Irish, means "Attractive Poor Man." Interestingly, my middle name, Edwin, means "prosperous friend."

    So what does your name mean?
    Dan Powers

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    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?

    Hi, Dan - I always like seeing a post from you, no matter what the post is about, because I think you have the coolest avatar in the group! Cracks me up every time. It looks like a Martini Glass having a bad day.

    I went to the site, but already knew the not-so-inspiring meaning of my last name:

    Bowser = "a purse maker."

    hehehe. Same meaning in English, French, Italian, German - So many names originate from professions, they're trade names--"Smith" being one of the more obvious. And so my name is a trade name. I come from a long line of proud----purse makers.

    I also have the distinction of being in Hell! In Dante's "Inferno," where he placed all his real life enemies in those famous rings of eternal damnation, he included a Bowser - I forget the Italian equivalent, Bosier - something - But there I am!

    First name--the site posted doesn't do first names because it's a portal into genealogy services, but the meaning of my first name varies a bit depending on what you read, but they come down to about the same thing:

    Randolph of course is the oldest version - And the "Dolph" part is the same as Wolf. Together, the word, the name means something like "The Protector of The Wolves."

    !! - Why would Wolves need protection, I mean back when these names were first used? - When I was a kid and discovered my name's meaning, I thought it was SOooooo cool---I thought of it as some kind of Vampire name. OOoooh, I protect the Wolves!

    So we have a Wolf Protector who Makes Purses. Go figure.

    Randy Bowser (and let's not get into what my name would mean in England--yow!--OK, to give you a hint, in case you don't get it---Something along the lines of "A Frisky Pooch")

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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?


    The usual English form of the old Roman family name Antonius, which is of uncertain (probably Etruscan) origin. The spelling with -th- (not normally reflected in the pronunciation) represents a learned but erroneous attempt to associate it with Greek anthos flower.

    I usually get - Irish Gaelic: Antain since my family is Irish or Tony.


    Recorded in several spellings including Monaghan, Monahan, Minihan, sometimes as Minogue and Monk, but more correctly O'Monahan, this is an Irish surname of great antiquity. It derives from the pre 10th century Gaelic word 'manachain' meaning a monk, and hence the use of the English spelling and surname of Monk from time to time. However it would seem that the first chief from whom all later nameholders descended, was perhaps both monk and a mighty warrior of the 9th century.

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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?

    Robert: "Bright Fame" (heh heh! Maybe someday!)

    Francis: "Free"

    Horvath: Horvath is a Hungarian ethic name for a Croat. This term was used for Croatian refugees from the Ottoman Empire in the 15th and 16th centuries. When Hungarian officials could not spell their Slavic name , they wrote Horvat(h) 'Croatian'. Horvat is now the most common surname in Croatia.


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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?

    Christopher - "Bearer of Christ," but I think that's one of the ones everyone knows already.

    Michael - Variously translated as something like "one-who-is-like-God (el)" or "is-there-any-like-God."

    Plorán - My surname is (by now) far removed from its original form and also has roots in at least two countries other than my own, so I just tell everybody it means "immigrant."

    -Chris P.
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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?

    Very interesting...not quite what I was hoping for...

    Stephanie: a feminine form of Stephen crown (Greek)..

    Lynn: one who resided by a pool or lake.

    Pray: one who came from or lived near the grassy land or meadow.

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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?

    rolifer = ROnald LInn FERguson
    Ronald = Judicial

    Ferguson = the son of Fergus (manly, strength, super, choice).

    Our Coat of Arms has a Bee in a field of heather and our tartan leans towards a bluish color. Fergus is a very old Scottish name.
    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?

    Well, I suppose everyone already knows about Richard, heart of a lion. Wayland is from Wayland the Smith, and crafts were signed as made by Wayland the Smith, indicating a high standard of excellence. I remember reading somewhere that Wayland was also known as King of the Fairies. I acquired it from the Irish side of my family. My Father was half Irish, named Patrick, and liked any color as long as it was green. Probably that would properly be Scots Irish, originating in Scandinavia, I think.


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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?


    Raymond - spelled as my father intended and the only way means


    Originated from Germany (not sure about this because it is an all French spelling and my father was a teacher French, he should have known, but it may originate from Germany in old history).

    Surname = Robijns (or the ancient spelling Robyns), there was a family Robyns, book publisher way back in 1659, living in Antwerp (Belgium).

    from now I will sign my replies with: The WISE GUY

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    Re: OT-What does your name mean?

    Styxx? Something that can be burned, broken, used as a pointer, whittled down to a chair leg, stuck in the ground as a post, cheep flag pole, something to hit a drum with, arrow shaft, shaft, chalkboard pointer, and last but not least ........ marshmallow holder.

    As for my real name ........... it's still in debate.

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