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Topic: How JABB with Finale 2009

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    How JABB with Finale 2009

    Hi folks. I have Finale 2009 on my MacBook Pro. A while back i wrote a sax quartet. I thought I'd get JABB 2.0 and use it with this already "penned" quartet.

    I can't understand how to get each line, SATB, to see the individual JABB instruments. I was under the impression the programs are compatible (hope I'm not wrong!).

    I open the Audio Unit Instruments window. On channels 1-16 I can select "Garritan: Instruments for Finale 2009". But of course then I get Aria, which I understand doesn't work with JABB, which uses Kontakt. Farther down I can select "Native Instruments: KontaktPlayer2". Seems promising, but then I get this crazy window (I'm totally new to this Kontakt business) and I don't see how to assign Soprano to 1, Alto to 2 etc., though I see how to call up the instruments individually.

    Thank you for any help,

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    Re: How JABB with Finale 2009

    Hi David , I will try to describe how to do what you asked about.

    When you first open Finale2009 you should get a "launch window" and in it is a box called the "setup wizard". If you click on the setup wizard, then you will see
    a "document setup wizard" where you can select the type of score you want to work with. In this example, I picked SATB+piano and clicked on next. This is what appears then:

    up at the top where it says "instrument set" click on the arrow and select
    Garritan Jazz and Big Band. Then you can add and remove the instruments you want to have a staff dedicated to them in your score. For this example, I removed the soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and the piano in the box on the right, and then added an soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax from the box in the middle.

    Then when you click on "save as new ensemble", you will see a box where you can name your score, choose a key signature, and time signature, etc. Make your choices and then click on "finish" and Finale will set up your new score and load the instruments you chose into the slots with a staff for each instrument.

    Then up at the top under "view" you can click on "studio view" and you will see a fader control for each instrument like this:

    Then under "MIDI/Audio" up at the top, select "instrument setup>instrument list" and you will get the box shown in the above picture, where you can choose the midi channels for your instruments or make further changes.

    That's about it. Then you are ready to enter notes into your score, and Finale will then play back your score with the instruments you chose. If you want to add reverb and control the panning and volume for the playback of your score, click on "mixer" under "window" up at the top, and you will see a little mixer popup where you can make those adjustments.

    Good luck, John

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