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Topic: Update?

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    So I've updated my KP and JABB. I'm using Pro Tools and I've always opened GGJABB as an insert. Now if I open it and try to load an instrument it say "This patch was generated by a newer version of kontact. Please upgrade your copy to load the patch". I did all of that and now I load KP2 as and insert and everything seems to work except I don't notice or hear any new sounds or effects. Am I supposed to? Under the Instruments drop down menu I notice JABBUpdate 1. If I try and load those sounds it can't find them. All the other sounds look and sound the same. So my questions are 1. Is GGJABB useless now in my plug in folder as an insert and just use KP2 from here on out?
    2. Are there new sounds that I'm supposed to be using or just the new KP2?
    3 Are there effects added with the upgrade. I see them in the folder but I can't find where to add them on KP2?
    Thanks for the help! What am I missing here?

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    Re: Update?

    I found the fx. Now for new sounds?

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    Re: Update?

    There are no new sounds in the Kontakt 2 version. It was an update to be compatible with Kontakt 2 and the updated Kontakt Player. There were some programming changes to reflect new features in Kontakt 2 such as being able to set how the sustain pedal works for each patch. In Kontakt 1 this was a global setting that affected all patches.


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    Re: Update?

    Thanks. When I insert KP2 everything seems to be working just fine. So I guess I can get rid of what is Gary Garritan Jazz and Big Band in that folder because its already in the library for KP2. Is that right?

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