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Topic: New Kurzweil Orchestral rom block

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    New Kurzweil Orchestral rom block

    For comparison reasons, ...could some of you sound experts comment on this MP3 dmeo of the upcoming Kurzweil orchestral rom block of which they seem to be quite proud!!


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    Re: New Kurzweil Orchestral rom block

    sounds really great for a sound module. Best I\'ve heard for module/synths, and I\'m a big fan of the Roland orchestral sound expnasion boards.

    It does not compare to modern sample likbraries like QLB, GOS, and the Dan dean libraries, tho.

    BTW Jorden Rudess is AWESOME!! I\'ve just re-affirmed I\'ll never be a good at piano.....since the bar is so freaking high

    Really...I am an Idiot

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