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Topic: Still searching for the perfect Bass

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    Still searching for the perfect Bass

    Hi all

    I run a modest but busy little studio, producing mainly MOR Pop/Country albums for independant artists. I do most of the arrangements myself, but bring in pro session players for the things I can't do with VSTi's - usually just fiddle, guitar solos, pedal steel. Budgets are tight, so I have to use VSTi's as much as possible, and need "out the box" sounds if possible.

    I felt my setup needed a Bass upgrade (been using Trilogy forever), so after much research settled for Scarbee's Black Bass amp'd version 1. It's an amazing product and I totally respect the creators of this lib.

    Imagine my disbelief then, when 4 out of 5 recent clients chose Trilogy Elec Picked bass over Black Bass. Trilogy is a classic bass module, no disrespect, but it is light years away from the sophistication of something like Black Bass. But the clients write my cheques - so I gave them Trilogy. They all all agreed that when solo'd, Black Bass was incredibly realistic, but it just didn't sound great in the mix. Comments were "a bit thin", "inconsistent tone", "too 70's funk", etc.

    The stuff I produce doesn't do fancy melodic bass lines - it's pretty basic stuff - but I need that lovely rich, full-but-not-woolly tone that I hear on the albums that I humbly try to emulate (Lone Star, Keith Urban, James Taylor, etc.).

    Any recommendations/suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Preferably already amp'd ("out the box") because my CPU resources are a bit stretched by the time I get to mixdown - lots of stuff running live (I prefer not to render).

    Sorry for the long post


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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    I like the Scarbee Bass for its 70s funky sound-after all thats what it was meant to sound like.
    If you want a more contemporary sound the Red Bass will give you that.
    But if you are already a Trilogy user why not wait a month and then upgrade to Trillian?
    That will give you the Spectrasonics signature Bass sound in an uptodate environment.

    Other cool bass libs are the Orange Tree Corebass and the Chris Hein Bass.

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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    Anyone doing Mor/pop music in a studio that has clients should definitely have Chris Hein's Bass as part of their choice.


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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    Whichever bass sample set you use, to get that sound you want IK Multimedia's Ampeg SVX plug-in. Dial in the B-15N and the sound is round and warm.

    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    The Chocolate Audio Mock Bass is well worth a look:



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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    Check out the CoreBass Cherry electric bass sample library for Kontakt, by Orange Tree Samples. It's available in fingered, picked, and slapped versions.

    CoreBass Cherry is easy to play from a MIDI keyboard and to sequence with, without having to memorize lots of keyswitches. The articulations are all selected using intelligent scripting.

    Its cool features include the ability to slide from one note to any other at any speed, 4x intelligent round-robin cycling, it's sampled down to a low B, legato samples, and much more.
    Greg Schlaepfer
    Orange Tree Samples
    Ultra-realistic sample libraries for Kontakt

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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    Thanks for all the responses - much appreciated.

    Hans - yes, I noted the many "70's funk" references to Black Bass when I was researching it - but I assumed that it was the playing style that produced that tone - I am learning fast from my mistakes.

    I am sure I will find a use for this excellent lib at some stage in the future.

    I will follow up on all the suggested links - thanks.


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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    So I take it nobody is impressed by Basis or ManyBass, huh? I've liked their demos, but have been holding out for the Spectrasonics update.

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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    Yes - Trilogy update could well be worth waiting for - especially as they are traditionally ready to go "out the box", which is what I'm looking for - although I accept that re-amping a DI'd lib is the most flexible way to go.

    I just hope the bottom end is a little more manageable than the older Trilogy

    Will have a listen to Basis and ManyBass - thanks.

    The trend seems to be for auto legato, string-selection, fret noise, etc. - which is all good news for us keyboard Bass players


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    Re: Still searching for the perfect Bass

    OK - Chris Hein's picked bass could be just what I'm after.

    Could someone confirm that it comes with an amp simulator? The SOS review mentioned an IK Multimedia Ampeg plugin, but nowhere on the CH site could I find confirmation of this.


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