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Topic: FYI - Gcast/iTunes: SCORECast No. 18

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    FYI - Gcast/iTunes: SCORECast No. 18

    Surviving in a Down Economy / Link Parade / The Composer’s Role on the Dub Stage

    In our 18th episode of SCOREcast, Deane Ogden gives some quick thoughts on how to stay afloat as a composer during the current economic crisis. In the second segment, Lee Sanders gets composers from all over the world to spill the beans on their secret go-to web resources. The third act is a conversation between Deane and Houston Haynes as they talk about how composers can think ahead toward the mix phase at a film’s final dub.

    You can also go to the full SCORECast listing here on Gcast, but be careful to set your computer speaker sound level BEFORE you jump to this link - it has auto-start set to ON which can be jarring.

    You can also check out SCORECast on iTunes.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: FYI - Gcast/iTunes: SCORECast No. 18

    Hey Houston,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm half way through the current pod cast and it is so good I am looking forward to listening to several of them.


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    Re: FYI - Gcast/iTunes: SCORECast No. 18

    thankyou, will isten when i get a chance!

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