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Topic: Electronic Musician-Mix-Remix Magazines Restructure

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    Electronic Musician-Mix-Remix Magazines Restructure

    More signs of the times...

    Penton Audio Group Restructures Editorial, Sales Teams
    Integration With Digital Entertainment and Communications Reflects Changing Shape of the Industry

    (Emeryville, Calif.) — March 24, 2009 — Penton Media announced today the restructuring of its Audio Group in order to bring it under the newly created division of Digital Media and Communications.

    The move for the Audio Group—which publishes Mix, Electronic Musician, Remix, associated Websites, and events such as the upcoming Mix Nashville—takes advantage of converging markets in audio, video, broadcasting and telecommunications. Penton currently serves those markets with leading print and online properties, including millimeter, Sound & Video Contractor, Broadcast Engineering, Radio and Telephony, as well as the award-winning professional networking site Reel-Exchange.

    Wayne Madden, who has been running the Penton Video Group since 2006, will serve as Market Leader. Cynthia Wisehart, editorial director of millimeter and Sound & Video Contractor, will head content and professional-networking integration for the entire Digital Media and Communications group. Longtime Audio Group Editorial Director Tom Kenny will lead editorial content for Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix, as well as “Sound for Picture” content for millimeter...

    In addition to continuing the tradition of editorial leadership at Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix, the Audio Group will also continue to invest in new platforms and products. George Peterson will lead development of online video and audio content, and Erin Hutton will continue to build on live and online community elements including Remix Hotel and Mix Nashville. To take advantage of new companywide online capabilities, comprehensive relaunches of all Audio Group sites are in development for later this year.

    As part of the Audio Group reorganization, Mix editor Sarah Jones and EM editor Gino Robair will no longer be with the company. The entire Penton organization extends its thanks for their years of support and creative input.

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    Re: Electronic Musician-Mix-Remix Magazines Restructure

    In a nutshell, what does all of this mean?

    I am a long-time subscriber to Electronic Musician magazine. Will it still be published as usual. My last few copies of this magazine have been very thin and actually disappointing as far as content is concerned.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Electronic Musician-Mix-Remix Magazines Restructure

    I am also a long time subscriber of EM and MIX. I opted a few months ago for non-print delivery by email. It works out great. What the future holds? I dunno, but I usually find in every issue SOMETHING that I can use or learn.
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