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Topic: Looking for a good synth e.piano

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    Looking for a good synth e.piano

    I don't exactly know what the correct term for the e.piano sound I'm looking for, but this demo come close:

    The other one that I like is patch EP Legend from edirol hypercanvas.

    Can anyone suggest a better option than those above?
    I don't like the idea of buying that expensive and outdated edirol hypercanvas only to get the electric piano sound. I've tried Sonivox FM Piano, but don't really like the sound.


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    Re: Looking for a good synth e.piano

    Any respectable synth supporting FM should be able to get those types of DX7-ish keys. Check out "Zebra" from U-he... high quality modular synth, and I know that it has some decent e. piano factory presets. Of course, you also get the added benefit of owning a full-blown synth, which is especially good if you're a tweaker. Downside is that, in general, a synth may be a bit more demanding of the CPU compared to sample-based solution (depending on complexity of synth patches). Definately check out the demo.

    If you want to go the rompler/sample-based route, you might check out IK's Sampletank or SonikSynth. Those will essentially contain samples of the synthetic e. pianos you're looking for. (I'm listening to the SonikSynth demos now... som decent sounds in there)

    Another sample-based option could be Cakewalk's Dimension Pro. Similar in concept to Soniksynth/Sampletank. Some decent sampled e. pianos in there.

    There's also "EP-Station" from bigtick: http://bigtick.pastnotecut.org/index...PROD&pcode=100
    Basically a special purpose FM synth. Sound is a bit cheesy, but maybe some post effects and synth layering could solve that.

    I'm assuming you're looking for more of the synthetic e. piano sound. If you're looking for more realistic rhodes or wurly sounds there are a bunch of options there as well (in addition to some of those above).

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    Re: Looking for a good synth e.piano

    I've checked Sonic Synth and Dimension Pro, but haven't heard any patch that suit of what I'm looking for. I've checked VI.One and Sample Logic's Synergy and Elements as well, they don't look like have patches other than rhodes or wurly.
    I'll check zebra n EP-station. Thanks for the hints.

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    Re: Looking for a good synth e.piano

    You should check FM8 from NI.
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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