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Topic: RMX Bug

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    RMX Bug

    Since I updated I have noticed a bug in RMX. In a project I am working on I have three percussion parts. If I go to another track, to do piano or whatver, when I start the playback, I don't hear the three perc parts. I then have to go in and reselect each one - actually click on them again to have them play.

    Anyone else run into this?

    My host is Sonar (w/ XP SP2).

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    Re: RMX Bug

    I came across a similar problem with ver. 1.7.1 and Live. When I would stop the transport, the host sequencer(Live) would stop but some of the parts in the RMX multi would keep on playing until I stopped the transport again. This was with host sync activated of course.

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    Re: RMX Bug

    I have a very similar problem in one of my older projects (older = originally made on 1.5). The projects loads with some of the RMX parts empty. The controls/parameters are all set just like I set and saved them but the loops are not loaded and I have to load them manually. The strange thing is it happens just in one of the projects, the other ones I checked load fine which makes it even more confusing.
    I already contacted spectrasonics support about it and I sent them this project in my recent reply. Hope they got this email.
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    Re: RMX Bug

    Quote Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
    ver. 1.7.1
    Try the latest update: 1.7.2f. Host-sync issues were completely fixed for me in Sonar 6 and energyXT.


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    Re: RMX Bug

    You can use host sync and the play buttons simultaneously. So, even if host sync is on, you can still use the play buttons to start and stop playback. When you stop the transport, any parts you activated with the play buttons will continue to play and any parts which were activated with host sync will stop.

    - Glenn

    P.S. The latest version of Stylus RMX is 1.7.2.

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    Re: RMX Bug


    I don't think I was completely clear. I am aware of what you are saying. And never had this issue with 1.5.

    The problem is that after having put loops into the Sonar project, and having them play back in the project - when selecting 'Play' on the transport -then, if I select a track in the project (in Sonar) other than on of the Stylus tracks to edit (or record), then hit 'Play' on the transport, I don't hear the Stylus parts. I then have to go into Stylus and manually re-select each of the tracks (I just have to click on them one at a time and have them briefly begin to play in stylus - stopping each one right after they begin to play), then when I hit play again on the transport - the tracks will playback in the project.

    But I am still using 1.7.0f - might be the problem right there. Man, you guys are fast - I don't think I dowloaded the new version even a month ago. Then again, I am in the middle of a divorce and my mind seems to be on vacation.


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    Re: RMX Bug

    If the problem occurs when selecting tracks in Sonar, then it sounds like something in your Sonar project that is muting tracks. Or, maybe you have host sync turned on for RMX parts that you're playing via midi on a Sonar track. If so, turn off host sync since you're not using it. In any case, no, I haven't run into anything like that before.

    - Glenn

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