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Topic: Scarbee Fingered and QL Strat Comments?

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    Scarbee Fingered and QL Strat Comments?

    Well, these two libraries have been out for a spell now, and no one has written any comments about these two libraries. These should be about as good as they get, and I am hoping some of you early takers would take the time to post end user demos, comments, etc, about these two new libraries.
    The QL Strat has me very intertested but I can\'t bring myself to purchase this thing (especially with the copy protection thing) until I hear some real end user demos and comments. Thanks for any input you can provide on these two new libraries.

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    Re: Scarbee Fingered and QL Strat Comments?

    I just used Scarbee\'s J-Fingered on a long job, with the intention of replacing my bass parts with those of \'Jaco\' - a session bassist - as I play bass like a keyboard player, not a bass player.

    When the time came to put the new tracks down, we got the best sound we could from \'Jaco\'s\' bass, and I\'ve got to say there was almost no difference in the tone of the two basses. You really couldn\'t say that one had a tighter or fuller bottom end than the other. They both had great detail. I think it kind of irked \'Jaco\' when we did a little \'lick trading\'. BOTH basses sounded great.

    \'Jaco\' is a very seasoned, respected bassist, who is quite \'anal\' about sound quality, and has an impressive collection of gear. He\'s probably one of the busiest bass players in Sydney.

    If I\'d been able to come up with the parts that he played for us, we simply wouldn\'t have needed \'Jaco\'. But I didn\'t, so he got the call.

    Luckily for the better bass players of this world, Scarbee\'s bass libraries only bestow the right SOUND on the user, not the chops

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    Re: Scarbee Fingered and QL Strat Comments?

    I got the QL-56Strat and Scarbee Bass libraries a few days ago. Honestly, we need to learn more how to use them efficently in order to have best sounding results (total about 2.5Gb samples)
    a> The bass is pretty cool! Agree with Chadwick\'s comments.

    b> For the Strat strum sample, it has built-in/pre-recorded good Warm-reverbs and good Eq-mixed (as heard in demo). I like the most in Hawailian-Strum sample, it has very natural sustain-Vibrator-velocity controlling. I\'m happy with this!

    For the solo-guitar (lead) sample, I couldn\'t get the sounding exactly what I needed yet, just a matter of tastes? Maybe I need more time spending on it? We need very good Guitar-Plugin effs?

    Here is a MP3 song that I\'d like to share with you, of course you have your own ears! The direct-download-link as follows:

    Hope this helps,

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