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Topic: Woodwinds & Brass MS/QLB vs. DD

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    Woodwinds & Brass MS/QLB vs. DD

    I own/use Miroslav & QLB for wind and brass but am thinking of getting the Dan Dean sets for each as well. Are they significantly better or am I better off spending my money elsewhere?

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    Re: Woodwinds & Brass MS/QLB vs. DD

    I\'m not a big fan of DD wW but Brass yes get

    Both are great libraries...and if you are considering buying both get them both there is nothing that really compares. DD Solo brass workd extremely well with QLB and DD solo woods sound pretty good with verb

    understand this is coming from somone who thinks that there could be something better in both realms.

    I\'ve always complained about DD Solo Woods, but I do think they are a must have for anyone who is thinking about building a virtual orchestra.

    I do however believe it takes a bit of getting used to, and understanding the limitations of what it CAN do.

    DD solo Brass however is the ONLY brass library with FFF samples. This is KEY in my opinion. I only wish there was more ambience....but the FFF sizzle is worth it.

    so IMO both are worth having.

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    Re: Woodwinds & Brass MS/QLB vs. DD

    I like Dan Dean\'s Brass too.

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    Re: Woodwinds & Brass MS/QLB vs. DD

    DDSB stgands for Dan Dean Solo Brass

    It has some \"mock\" ensemble patches which I think are horrible out of the box, but with a bit of programming they actually sound wuite good with some reverb. In factI find them VERY playable. Mix in Quantum leap brass and you should be smiling.

    mixing depends on the instruments tho. I find that the trumpets sound good at all dynamics with both, but the softer horns from QLB mixed with piano from DD doesn\'t do it for me. The DD one sounds really nice and mellow but the QLB endemble one doesn\'t seem to have the intamacy, I have to try either addingd a filter to it, or using AO piano horns.

    I have to say that with DDSB, and a bit of programming, one can add ALOT of playability to their brass. I can do glissandos that have ALOI of expression. As well as moving legato lines

    My only problem is with HOrns and reverbs. I still have yet to find the actual settings I like that have a realistic resonance. I believe this will require more programming/EQ tricks than standard tweaks. This is more of a problem of current brass libraries not having a direct mic and far ambient mic control.

    I\'m still waiting for someone to design an orchestral library with the Real Giga Drums/Drum Kit From Hell approach where the end user is allowed control of the actual \"room\" sound.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Woodwinds & Brass MS/QLB vs. DD

    DDSB is solo instruments only, although there are a few patches \"pre-combined\", with a key or mod wheel switch to add additional samples (panned into the stereo field).

    Most people on the forum will agree that it is one of the best libraries for orchestral brass.

    Tip: if you search the forum with the Search link, and type DDSB or just Dan Dean, you will a LOT of questions, answers, tips, etc. related to brass libraries in general and Dan\'s libraries in particular!



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    Re: Woodwinds & Brass MS/QLB vs. DD

    Is it solo or section brass ?

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