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Topic: Yet Another Demo (AO / Ultimate Strings)

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    Yet Another Demo (AO / Ultimate Strings)

    Hi all,

    Just to let you know I\'ve posted another sample of my sample stuff on www.xs4all.nl/~deltaw, under the heading \"Spanish-style theme\". It\'s actually my first ever attempt at something orchestral with GigaSampler and my first libraries, two years ago.
    I hope to be redoing this soon with GOS and DDSB.
    Have fun!


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    Re: Yet Another Demo (AO / Ultimate Strings)

    Drop the comma from the URL - was added by a forum CGI script...

    peter e. roos
    personal site www.xs4all.nl/~deltaw
    company site www.deltaworks.com

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    Re: Yet Another Demo (AO / Ultimate Strings)

    I liked this one! Beautiful classic athmosphere, refreshing after so many hollywood style things heard.

    I was very pleased and surprised also by the woodwind. Could you point out exactly which woodwind instrument came from which library ?

    The strings sounds where - as usual - the weak point. Nice guitar!


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    Re: Yet Another Demo (AO / Ultimate Strings)

    Hi Horst,

    If you\'r referring to the Spanish Style piece, the WW\'s are all plain old Advanced Orchestra (giga version). I prefer the basic \"key\" versions, that is without the p to f crossfade (which give too much phasing/ensemble effect during the fade).

    This was really my first ever attempt and since I have just ordered GOS and also have some other libraries (e.g. PureGuitar) since then, I will redo it with some additional themes and other intrumententation.

    Thanks for you reaction!


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