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Topic: Small survey

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    Small survey

    I would like to do a small survey on a idea that I\'ve been fooling with lately:

    Imagin that there was a site where you could, after registring and paying a small fee, download professional samples.
    The samples (in gigaX-format) would be big, multisapled instruments ranging from lite versions (less samples) of existing libraries, to unique samples, not existing on any present sample CD.
    You would pay for Mb. If you by, say 1500Mb, you would be able to download that amount. You don\'t have to download it within a certain timeperiod.
    Note: This would not be \"Worra\'s Place\"! The gigs that are sent to that site are going to be free and will soon be available.

    My questions are:

    1. Would you be interested in buying samples this way
    2. What would a fair price be for 1500Mb

    The site would be updated with at least 500Mb of new sounds/month.

    Thanx for your help!


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    Re: Small survey

    I don\'t think you\'ll be able to get away with charging per mb. Plus your customers may not be able to download the files correctly everytime, leading them to download the same thing over and over until the whole package is there. A much better solution, plus much easier to maintain for the webmaster, would be to just charge a flat rate per month. $20.00 per month, 6 months for $100.00, etc. Business wise, it\'s much easier to get $20.00 per month from someone for 10 months then 200.00 up front.

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    Re: Small survey

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Munsie:
    A much better solution, plus much easier to maintain for the webmaster, would be to just charge a flat rate per month. $20.00 per month, 6 months for $100.00, etc. Business wise, it\'s much easier to get $20.00 per month from someone for 10 months then 200.00 up front. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hi Munsie.

    I\'ve given this some thoughts, and it would probably work in a perfect world.
    The problem is that if a user/pw got public, hundreds of people could be using that and download several Gb. This would cost us a fortune in bandwidth.
    One way of solving that would be to minimize the amount that one user can download per day, but I wouldn\'t like to do that.
    I agree that the problems with broken downloads has to be looked into, but say that we find a solution that only charges for complete downloads, would that be ok?


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    Re: Small survey

    It sounds like you are attempting to look into a subscription based sample club. Cool... Im all for it.

    I agree if the password gets out, and it will, bandwidth will go up. I agree you will have to limit the amount of bandwidth somehow. I think a monthly rate, and then a limit of bandwidth PER DAY should work, and avoid the pirate situation since even if the password goes to 1000 users, it all goes towards their daily limit!

    To really make this site work, you will need streaming lo-fi demos of all samples. Plus it would be cool if users could upload their own samples into the pot for others to download, hmmm..then there\'s the issue of pirate samples being made available, ouch.


    Seriously though, this is a cool idea, good luck with it!

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    Re: Small survey

    1. As long as I could see a full listing what was available for download before signing up, sure. But I\'d never sign up without knowing eeeexactly what was on the site.

    2. Again, it would depend on exactly which gigs were offered. Better gigs, more money.

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    Re: Small survey

    I also would go for something like that, but would need to be able to preveiw samples. Limiting bandwidth per day is a good choice.

    Determining factors in how successful the site would be could include how many new samples come up per month and how well all the samples are archived.

    Good luck...GP

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    Re: Small survey

    I like the idea. I have dsl so large files are possible. This is a great idea for the future, so if you start now it might develop slowly, but you could be in the right place at the right time somewhere down the road.

    I especially like it because buying libraries right now is a bit like buying music CDs - you like maybe two or three songs(?) Whereas with MP3s you get only what you want.

    For example, I\'d rather have the absolute best sounds I can get and live without some of the more esoteric parts of libraries (scrapes, shouts etc.) - At least it would be nice to have a choice.

    Right now, if you want a quality choir, you have to buy everything. It may take a while to gather momentum, but I think it\'s a great model. Especially, if you have lots of demos (or one octave tasters) on the site - even a forum might be handy where users can exchange thoughts.

    Good idea!

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    Re: Small survey


    I like the idea, and would potentially be a customer - but only if I knew exactly what I was getting (demos help, but I don\'t think \'lo-fi\' would work for two reasons-for some users, that\'s exactly what they want, and they\'d use them, and a lo-fi sample prevents me from determining the actual quality of the samples, which is my main concern.

    Recommend demos of each instrument individually, but two or three parts simultaneously, so the files are useless as samples but show the real quality and timbre of the samples.

    Just a thought...


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    Re: Small survey

    Great idea.

    There are times when I\'m doing a post score and say...\"Gee, this could really use a .......fill in the blank....but if I don\'t have it, I have to buy a 350.00 sample CD for the one sound I want. So I\'m all for it, as long as you could preview the sound online (as the online SFX libraries allow you to do) and as long as they were high quality.

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    Re: Small survey

    Sounds like a great idea. (As everyone seems to agree, the variety of samples would ideally be large and the quality of the samples excellent.)

    The pricing seems impossible to guess at, since it would depend so much on the quality of the samples.

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