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Topic: Fun w/new toy!

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    Fun w/new toy!

    Just got a drum kat in and man is it fun to play with!!

    Here is etude out of the Cirone book (#24) for snare drum. This is me just triggering the left and right hand samples and nothing else.

    Here is one me \"fooling\" around with a small jazz kit setup....snare, ride, crash, floor tom, and cowbell (sorry no kicks yet)


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    Re: Fun w/new toy!

    Where did the sounds come from?

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    Re: Fun w/new toy!

    Is this the DK-10 drum Kat that you\'re referring to? It\'s not a kit as it is a small midi assortment of drum pads in a mickey-mouse ears arrangement?

    If so, is it sensitive to fingerplaying?

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    Re: Fun w/new toy!


    Its a drumkat turbo...yes it looks like the Mickey Mouse ears!

    It\'s pretty darn sensitive. I would think finger/hand playing would work just fine.


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    Re: Fun w/new toy!

    Sounds fun!

    How many different pads/controllers does it have?

    Is it easy to assign notes to the pads?

    I have an old Roland Handypad-5, but actually have not yet used it for anything with GS. Guess I\'m gonna try that real soon now; just never thought of it before (being an absolute amateur with rhythm and percussion...).


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