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Topic: Post pristine piano suite

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    Post pristine piano suite

    Anybody using it?
    Do you like it?

    Based on mp3 examples, I\'ve restricted my search to 2 libraries:
    - East West Steinway B
    - Post pristine piano suite.

    I like the post piano a little better, but can\'t find much info about it.
    E.g. I read somewhere that the \"post pristine piano\" had been discontinued?
    Or has it been replaced by the \"Post pristine piano suite\" ?
    If so, is it the same piano?

    Any more remarks?


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    Re: Post pristine piano suite


    Post Pristine Piano (PPP) is produced by Michiel Post (Netherlands). You can easily find info like this by using the Search function on this forum. There is a HUGE amount of interesting topics to be found!

    This is a link to a topic with some info:

    I understand that Michiel\'s products are sold in the US by www.biggagiggas.com, but maybe you want to check other (re-)sources. Are you also from The Netherlands?



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    Re: Post pristine piano suite

    Post Piano Suite (as it\'s now called) is a cool collection of keyboard sounds.

    The orchestra instruments are a great addition- I\'ve already used them on a number of different things.

    The piano is nice - I like the different velocity level instruments that are available (all mf, very soft, etc.), as well as the register pianos. I don\'t know if the main piano is head and shoulders above gigapiano, put there are a lot more options and colors available in the PPS library.

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