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Topic: Giga Studio Midi Controller Recomendation

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    Giga Studio Midi Controller Recomendation

    I own a sad *** controller (Roland A-33) and am about to get a Giga Studio system at soundchaser. Seems there are a lot of cool effects (ala sample control) that can be controlled from a good controller. Is this true and if so, any recommendations. I want controlability, not sounds.

    I have heard the PC2 is good as is a new PEAVEY MODEL.


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    Re: Giga Studio Midi Controller Recomendation

    I\'m using a Kurz 2500, because of the number of available CCs (2 ribbons, 8 sliders, 2 switches, PB and mod wheel, plus 4 CC switches and 2 CC pedals.) 88 note fairly decent keyboard w/ aftertouch (mono) I\'d liek more pedals, but I\'ve only got 2 feet, so...

    If I were to be concerned with sounds, I\'d get the 2600,or get the 2500 with everything already on board, adding sampling, FX or even sample RAM afterward is a pain.


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