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Topic: Hans Zimmer Guitare

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    Hans Zimmer Guitare

    I have Hans Zimmer Guitare Roland but when I convert it for Giga, I have some loops ... anyone knows about it ? May I have to build a new .gig file without loop or convert the samples with a new converter ? (I have CDXtract 3.6)

    Thank you for helping ...

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Guitare

    Recently I converted Hans Zimmer Guitars Volumes 1 & 2 from Kurzweil to Giga format with Chicken Systems Translator. Translator did a beautiful job of converting these samples for me.

    I never fully realized just how crappy hardware samplers are, cheap converters, etc. I never really cared much for the Hans Zimmer Guitars on a hardware sampler, but once translated into Giga, the difference is night and day. I find the Zimmer guitars to be very useful translated into Giga format, whereas they were not at all usable on a hardware sampler.

    Considering the situation stated above, it is totally beyond me why anybody would want to waste good money on any hardware sampler on the market. Computer based samplers are many miles ahead of any obsolete hardware sampler, in terms of quality of sound and features. When putting together a computer based sampler and studio, one should always buy the best A/D - D/A converters that one can afford.

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Guitare

    dear bardstown,
    while i agree totally with you regarding hardware samplers in general, and the convenience and flexibility of Giga BUT...
    the hanz zimmer gtrs sounded better in their original formats, especially roland. while i use them all the time in giga, i cannot use the 12 layer patches (the coolest part of the collection) as there is no way to assign multiple slots to the same midi channel (like a roland performance that could use three 4-level patches on the same midi channel.)

    also, the decays don\'t function as well as in the original.

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