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Topic: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

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    OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    Hello, thanks for reading this.

    I am getting SEVERE line noise when going from my analog outputs of my Aardvark LX6 sound card into the line level inputs of the pod guitar processor. I\'m using 1/4\" jacks from the sound card to the pod and then from the pod back to my sequencer. Adjusting the NOISE GATE of the pod did not help. There is still some massive noise here. When I plug the output from my keyboards or sound modules into the pod, no problem, no extra noise, but from the sound card (to play samples!!) into the pod is the problem!

    The pod in question is the Line 6 Pod Pro.

    Sorry for the off topic question.
    Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    two things.

    +4 or -10 output? Impedance can be an issue, but not to most people. To change impednce level you need an impedance changer Sometimes called a re-amper.

    Most likely the level coming out of the aardvark is too hot. try lowering it? What are you monitoring the pod with?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    Hi KingIdiot! Thanks for the reply, yes I was hoping you would reply.

    The sound card is set at +4dbu. While tweaking with the \"drive\" settings and the \"gate\" settings I can lower the static and noise but not enough to NOT hear it easily in the mix (if nothing is being played). I purchased both the guitar pod pro and bass pod pro, both suffer from the same noise problem. Again, it doesn\'t happen when going direct from my keyboards or sound module so I\'m hoping I can solve the problem. I have all of the sound card settings at 0db, runs quiet as a mouse. I\'ve never had this problem before. The J-Station which I also have doesn\'t have this problem, well it suffers a little bit, but adjusting the gate takes care of it. Actually, after playing with the guitar pod pro, I\'m not seeing that much difference if any compared to the J-Station. But for bass, the bass pod pro is really rocking, if only I can correct the noise problem. The reamp thing sounds interesting, but wouldn\'t I have problems before now if the giga system was too hot? I run analog out from the giga system to my sequencer with no noise problems what so ever. Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    Is it line noise you\'re getting or hum?

    you could have a ground loop

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    I don\'t know, Im not really an expert (on anything!) on noise issues. It actually sounds more like a static swish, no humming, or buzzing, the noise seems to be a bit random I\'m afraid. wierd.... I\'ve put in an support issue to Line6, hopefully they can help me. Any ideas?? Thanks...

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    This might help you to...help me!

    \"You should be able to get a clean, quite, hum and hiss free sound when using the POD Pro Line Level Input ( PPLLI ).
    Line6 has received many reports of users not being able to achieve a noise free sound when using the PPLLI. As a result, much time has been spent at Line6 researching the results that are achievable when interfacing the POD Pro with other studio equipment. We have discovered that Level setting proceeders are critical in achieving a clean sound, especially with high gain amp models. Be assured, however, that it is possible. Studio equipment usually has several settings that effect the a single output level. These all need to be adjusted properly.
    The POD Pro Line Level Input (PPLLI) is unbalanced, -10 dbm level. The PPLLI should be connected to a device that has a low impedance output (20 to 10k ohms). The POD Pro 1/4\" outputs are also -10 db unbalanced connectors. The POD Pro XLR outputs are +4db balanced in Studio Mode, and microphone level balanced in Live Mode.

    Interconnection problems can sometimes arise when connecting a balanced output to the PPLLI. If the balanced output is a 1/4\" TRS jack, try pushing the 1/4\'\" plug only 3/4 of the way into the jack. This will prevent the sleeve and the ring of the output device from being shorted. This can often solve noise problems. You can try this technique on the POD Pro connection, or the connection to the sending device.

    Many people use the level setting procedure of turning up the send device until the clip light comes on. Then they back off the send device level control just a little bit, and call it good. This procedure will most likely yield too high of a send level into the POD Pro. The best way to set the level into the POD Pro Line Level Input is to meter the output of the sending device and set the level to -10db. If this is not possible, listen to the sound of the POD Pro output while adjusting the send device level control. Set the send level low enough that you don\'t hear unwanted distortion. This level should be lower than what would cause the POD Pro clip light to come on.\"

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    scratch this reply..

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    Hi Munsie,
    I own a Pod 2 (the bean, not the Pro one) and noise has always been sort of plaguing me (maybe not as loud as you seem to say, but enough to be an unpleasant pain in the ... Months ago, Pod had replied to me also that I should get a quiet signal, but I never managed a clean result.
    I was just considering sell this Pod and buy a J-Station, which is said to be as good sounding as the Red Bean, but more silent. Maybe you should stick to the J.Station and reconsider keeping the Pod, if it\'s not too late.
    As for the Bass Pod, it\'s a very good value, and I don\'t suffer any noise from any amp model, unless I make really extreme gain or eq settings.
    PS : I took some time yesterday night to play the QL Strat, and get the feeling that the more you play it, the more you come to like it. I hope this will remain true for the next weeks, months, and years maybe...
    I should get a brand new disk #3 in replacement of my corrupted one on Monday.

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    Hi Sirbellog,

    I agree that the J-Station may be as good as the red bean, the regular pod is 16-bit where the J-station is 24bit. Plus, the j-station can now be had for as little as $149.95 US. So I will also be sticking with the J-Station and returning the Guitar Pod Pro.

    Now, the Bass Pod Pro is staying in the home studio, this puppy rocks and I mean rocks. The difference it has made to my music is incredible, it really makes it have that cd/radio type sound I was looking for.

    What confuses me, (Kingidiot, Sirbellog..) is I\'m able to get an acceptable amount of line noise if I first run the sound card outputs to a mixer and THEN run it to the Bass Pod and then finally back to the audio ins on the sequencer. Before I was going right to the pod, then to the mixer.

    So, this is not working:

    sampler sound card out-->bass pod-->main mixer-->sequencer audio ins

    But this DOES work:

    sampler sound card out-->mixer-->bass pod-->main mixer-->sequencer audio ins

    Any thoughts to why this works? (In hopes I can bypass the other mixer in the chain?)

    Thanks again for the comments.

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    Re: OT: Help with LINE 6 POD setup. Please!

    Prolly jsut means the output of your soundcard is too hot.

    Iusually go through my mixer if I\'m \"reamping\" the pod.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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