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Topic: Sample Library Licensing for Academic Use

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    Sample Library Licensing for Academic Use

    Have any developers made their libraries available for academic licensing? I\'m thinking of either a) student purchase of academic versions, perhaps limited sets or \'not for commercial release\' clauses (yeah, hard to enforce) or b) license for use on school composition lab computers, multiple users on one system

    NOT to open a can of worms, but our local junior college has recently opened a computer music recording class series, and GS could be a GREAT asset if it could be made affordable to \'starving students.\'

    Any thoughts? Am I totally off base? Great idea? Some kind of nut?


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    Re: Sample Library Licensing for Academic Use

    Actually working on my DMA I\'ve thought about this exact situation for our own midi lab (which has over 20 stations).

    I think there should be a \"lab\" pack for schools and universities where it would be ok to install on multiple computers.


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    Re: Sample Library Licensing for Academic Use

    I posed the question of academic pricing to a developer but haven\'t heard back from him yet. I think it\'s a great idea, given the large number of MIDI/digital-audio labs out there nowadays. However, I don\'t know if volume licensing (\"Lab Packs\") would be as successful for sample developers as it is for the makers of Finale, Sibelius, and other music-related applications (e.g., for theory and ear-training). I\'m not a market analyst. Still, the distributors should investigate this opportunity.

    But talk about the potential for software theft! I set up a small Mac-based MIDI lab back in the early 90s (only 5 stations). I was annoyed by how many students wanted to \"borrow\" a copy of Finale for home use, even though they could get a copy of it for about $175 at the campus bookstore (it was about $1,000 when I was a grad student before Coda latched onto the idea of academic pricing).


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    Re: Sample Library Licensing for Academic Use

    PatS and Donnie,

    Theft protection was my concern too, when I brought up the idea. It would be very easy to copy a few samples a day to your ZIP disk until you had the whole set.

    But would it be possible to encrypt the files, so each time they\'re loaded, you\'d have to have the daily decryption password (some simple AND or OR of the samples as they are streamed could do it with minimal stress on the hardware, but that would have to probably be a part of GS itself, not just the libraries.)

    Or perhaps requiring purchase of the Lab Pack as part of the process would resolve the issue. A student needs his/her own sample set to be able to work within the purview of the lab.

    It\'s a complex, but I think worthwhile endeavor to pursue.


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    Re: Sample Library Licensing for Academic Use

    Academic pricing is an excellent idea. What about discounts for \"site\" licensing? For example, where a group of composers who work together in the same studio could buy a \"site\" package to be installed on multiple computers, but for a discounted price as opposed to each paying full price for each copy installed. Similar to what is done with a lot of group oriented software titles ou there. Then again, perhaps there might not be as large of a market for that.


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