Hello! I\'d like to announce that we just released a new GigaSampler/GigaStudio CD-ROM, Fender Strat Vol. 1. It was recorded in our 24-bit studio using a classic Fender Stratocaster. Every note has been carefully sampled up the entire fretboard... with multiple velocities.

We recorded switch position 2 and 4 in a variety of playing styles. It includes clean, unprocessed instruments as well as many processed versions.

Styles include tapped harmonics, funk pulls, sustains, staccato and more. Once again, every note is sampled in multiple velocities for each style. Processed guitar sounds include Phase Shift, rotary speakers, lush chorus, distortions and more, all played with the above styles as well.

We\'re really happy with the end result and are already using it internally for some of our current projects. You can check out MP3 demos and download free lite versions of some of the instruments at http://www.digitalcomplete.com

Direct link to MP3 demos- http://www.digitalcomplete.com/soundtools/content/dcgigasamples.html
Direct link to FREE instruments- http://www.digitalcomplete.com/soundtools/content/gigastudiodls.html

Also, we\'re offering it for a really low introductory price just for the fun of it.

Dave C. Polcino
Digital Complete