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Topic: VotA words demo

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    VotA words demo

    I spent some time trying some ideas I had with VotA, and the word building. Most every thought I had about the word building was right, but I also found a few things out that might help me work in the future on the next try.

    It actually doesn\'t sound too bad. Tho I would have done consonant sampling quite differently. Still if I layer one or two real voices over teh top I\'m SURE it would sound fantastic.

    its called votawords.mp3

    It could be much better, but It was a first try with some ideas. The more I do it the better results I\'ll get I\'m sure.

    My only gripe so far is the consonants are all fairly percussive. Mostly great for starting words, but horrid for middle consonants/end consonants. This i where I would have sampled the consonants diffferently. Sustaining loops would be the way to go for \"llllll\" and \"vvvvvvv\" and \"rrrrrrr\" etc. Also, even IF the consonants are percussive, pitch problems can get in the way. No matter how much to try and keep them pitchless, overtones come out. Here the pitch bend wheel helps.

    anyhow, enjoy. I think it has promise and I need to learn it a bit more, but it sounds fantastic for a FAKE CHOIR!!!!!!

    oh...words are \"I\'ve gone far too long, without all your love, and I can\'t let go\"

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: VotA words demo


    In a word: cool. You\'re right, with some real vox over the top and some muzak it would sound fantastic.

    The only word that sounded kinda funky was \"without\". Kinda sounded like a vocoder.

    Thanks for sharing the experiment. Can\'t wait to hear the next installment.

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    Re: VotA words demo

    \"anyhow, enjoy. I think it has promise and I need to learn it a bit more, but it sounds fantastic for a FAKE CHOIR!!!!!!\"

    But it sounds like a fake choir

    OK, OK, I\'m being bad. Sorry.

    I think you\'re right about laying someone over that for clarity, my problem isn\'t the
    word construction, it\'s the sound itself. Maybe, like violins, it\'s the high range that\'s weak on this collection. Any chance of you doing a demo of the lower to middle male voices?

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    Re: VotA words demo

    Hey TJ,

    thanks for listening, could you help me out and point out which part of without gets to you? Is it that its all perfect pitches so it sounds like a vocoder? I tried doing some vowel crossfading with that one (actually all over the place). I really like the way \"out\" sounds in the word, It goes \"ahhhhhooohhhtah\" ....but I hate the \"with\". Its possible that all I needed to do was put a bit more of a space between with and out. There might be some misplacement with the \"W\" too.

    My main problems with this demo are the \"l\"s and the \"ng\" in long. I had to create that with \"n\" crosfading into \"g\". It actually doesn\'t sound to bad, but needs to be placed better, and matched with volume better.

    Anyhow, for anyone who listens point out little things that bother you, I want to try and find ways around them.

    Building words with VotA is not fun and easy, but with some time spent the results are pretty good, and doing this means that IF I do put a real voce or two over the top, I\'ll get a better blend.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: VotA words demo

    Great to hear a VotA demo. Thanks, King.

    To me, the weak points are the end of \"long\" (I don\'t hear any big problem with \"without\"), and the start of \"let\". If I were to be picky, \"gone\" sounds more like \"cone\". Other than that, yeah... nice for a fake choir.

    While I\'m not quite ready to jump up and buy this library, it has gotten me excited about future choir releases. Unfortunately, many of the ways to fix the \"little\" problems with VotA\'s word-building (I\'d like to not single out VotA, but there\'s nothing else to compare it to other than realism) would take a lot of time and probably a buttload of money.

    However, as the past has taught us, someone will find a way.

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    Re: VotA words demo

    OK, King - you rule

    How did you do this?

    What reverb is that by the way?

    Again... YOU RULE!!

    Francis Belardino

    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.


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    Re: VotA words demo

    Hey King - You\'re right about using a couple of lead voices to spell it out (pun intended). It\'d be purraaafffehhhhkt.

    The only word I had a problem with is \'I\'. It sounds a little like \'aweee\'. \'Your\', on the other hand, sounds spot on.

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    Re: VotA words demo


    BAD ;P

    Actually I was going for some really \"static\" sounding voices, the high range has more expression than the lower ranges. Not to mention I didn\'t use any of the angel sounds. Still for voices I actually like this sound.


    Agree on all the word problems. The \"g\" sounds too harsh, again because all the consonants are very percussive. As well the \"n\" isn\'t long enough for me to create a good \"nnnn\". Again the samples are too percussive for me to get a good sustain. I could possibly get it to sound better tho. If I add a \"ahhh\" soudn to the start of \"gone\" It would probably sound less like Cone

    ECC also has a \"word building\" feature but its no where as expansive as VotA. This is also where VotA gets its problems with consonants. It has the same basic concept as ECC, which is why the consonants are so percussive.

    Still, since \"every\" consonant is sampled there is a lot of room for user edits that can make alot of use out of the consonants,..not to mention there ARE different versions of each consonant which ALSO gives more options.

    I personally think there is ALOT of room open for the \"mother of all\" choir libraries. Jsut liek there is room for a brass library of the same, Strings widely covered by GOS IMO. So thats the mother of all string libraries to me. Now Gary just needs to do a Choir library. Speaking with him is a treat by the way, he\'s definitely in the sample arena ONLY to push the envelope, not to shell out stuff to make money off of it. So if he DOES do a choir library expect it to be innovative.


    Yeah I know MWAHAHAHA Seriously tho. The reverb is Waves Rverb. I used one instance of it in which I \"inserted\" the consonants to give them more air, since I was cuutting them off early to remove some of the percussive \"air\". Then I used another instance of it on the mix.

    As for how it was done. I first started with one vowel patch to create the melody/chords. Then I started adding the consonants to it so that they were \"placed\" corrrectly where I wanted them. Also of concern was the length of the consonants....but I might save that to later next time.

    Then, I tracked the melody to 7 seperate tracks with with ALL the vowels, then one track to consonants. I then opened all the tracks up in a mutitracks editor (Vegas in this case), I then created the vowel movements via crossfades between vowel tracks. This let me create \"I\'ve\" out of \"aahhhheeeeeevvvvhhh\". This is basically a test session to see what works before I create vowel crossfade instruments in GSEdit. I still think that doing it via multitracker is going to sound better tho. Better fade options. However there is something to be said about doing crossfades in realtime.

    Anyhow, this is all the kind of stuff I wish was already in the library. The amount of time Id need to spend on making crossfading vowel instruments is going to eat up too much time. So it probably wont be done for a while. I DOOOO have other stuff to do you know


    I think I know how to fix the \"I\" problem. I only faded between ahhh and eeee, if I did, ahhhehhhhheeeee. It would probably sound much better.

    Your is actually one of my favorites as well


    Thanks for listening and making comments. It helps to focus on what everyone else is hearing. I\'m beginning to think that I can make this sound MUCH better. Whether or not I do is a different story

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: VotA words demo


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    Re: VotA words demo

    Thanks, King for all your work.

    Sounds pretty good for canned choir. But the details that you descirbe just to make that demo make me shiver. I hate tweaking soooo much. That would be my only gripe with getting this library for the express purpose of making words. I just couldn\'t stand to sit and tweak and tweak and tweak...it doesn\'t feel like music composition as it does music production.

    Thanks again for the taste.

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