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Topic: GIG Development Help Needed. - PLEASE READ!

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    GIG Development Help Needed. - PLEASE READ!

    I am now in a position where I need to create some custom gigs from my .wav files but I don\'t have the time to learn how to do it on my own. I am looking for someone to walk me through (via email conversations) step by step on how to create a multi-velocity gig file out of several .wav files.

    I would like to start small by building a multi velocity hi hat that would take up 2 keys on the keyboard. One key for the several velocities of closed sounds, and then the other key for various velocities of open sounds. Ofcourse the closed key would \"choke\" the open key.

    Then I would like to proceed with the development of a multi velocity tambourine gig. This gig would have two keys, each key would have several velocities of samples. Identical samples and velocities would be mapped to both keys.

    My final example needed would be a generic instruction set for creating a chromatic gig instrument from multi wav files. I would need to know exactly how to map specific wavs to certain keys on the keyboard, with around 3-4 velocities per note.

    Easy to comprehend, step by step instructions is a must!

    Please expect detailed q&a sessions during the email conversations.

    I am willing to PAY you for your help in proving me with 100% solutions to the above scenarios.

    If you are interested, please take the time to email me at:


    Thank You.

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    Re: GIG Development Help Needed. - PLEASE READ!


    this is pretty simpe stuff so dont pay for it. If you\'re willing to wait atleast a day for a reply on it, go ahead and E-mail me.

    all I\'d ask is maybe freebies of your samples ]

    Tho I have access to a few tambourines. but If anyopne here knows me....THE MORE THE BETTER!!!

    Really...I am an Idiot

    [This message has been edited by KingIdiot (edited 12-05-2001).]

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    Re: GIG Development Help Needed. - PLEASE READ!

    Hey Munsie, don\'t listen to him!

    I\'ll do it for the left side of the hihat, and reply in 23 hours!!!

    Seriously, why not just post what you want to know and we\'ll stick it up here - it would be good for everyone.

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    Re: GIG Development Help Needed. - PLEASE READ!

    Hi Chadwick and KingIdiot,

    Mr. KingIdiot has offered to assist me in learning how to create .gig files. Since he has offered to do this for free (he will probably get a little Christmas gift from me anyway..) I would like to state that I will make all of the information public at the conclusion of the Q&A sessions so that others can benefit!

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