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Topic: DDSB - first experiments

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    DDSB - first experiments


    I have started experimenting with DDSB last night, so if anybody is interested to hear a short snippet you can go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NemesysMusic/files/Compositions%2C%20MP3%20files%20etc/DDSB-conan.MP3
    It\'s far from perfect, but I tought it sounds good for a 35 min of just testing the library...I really think we should have a lot of user DDSB demoes, \'cause the library is amazing and official demoes are not doing it any justice..
    Yeah, and I know the percussions suck big time, whish I had Donnie\'s library...oh well..


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    Re: DDSB - first experiments

    Nice stuff, Alex,

    Did you put a short delay on the F horns? I like the effect - sounds like the bells are actually pointing sidewards (like they should).

    I got my FH, trumpet and tb from Dan a couple of weeks ago. I really like the FH (and Dan - he was really supportive when a CD got lost in the mail).

    Since this is really solo brass (same instrument), I am already looking for another set of solo libraries to create a set of different instruments. I have AO, but this sounds way to dull (IMO) to combine with DDSB.

    I feel that this approach of using multiple solo instruments is so much more realistic than to use ensemble libraries (Vitous ensemble is great, but should be used for unisono lines, not for chords).

    I guess QL brass is probably the other \'best\' brass collection?


    Peter Roos

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    Re: DDSB - first experiments

    I\'m impressed with the solo french horn. Nice job on the demo Lex and nice work on the library Dan . Was that the FFF french horn Lex?
    Hey Lex, is there any way you could post a short demo with Dans french horn and an ensemble french horns from any other library underneath it? I think I am already sold but if I could hear it with an ensemble just to see what it would sound like that would be great.
    Sound quality is terrific as usual Dan!

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 12-08-2001).]

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    Re: DDSB - first experiments

    Thanks for listening...

    Damon...Acctualy DD Horns are even louder and aggresive in FFF...this is F or an FF..
    with the attacks being probably FFF..
    I used non vibrato, portato and forte piano presets, so a lot of layering and playing with dynamics...I just don\'t like the sound you get from loading one preset and ploncking a keyboard like on some demoes.
    As for leyering, I\'ll do some experiments with AO brass...but I think that Jamieh and King Idiot did some nice stuff with layering DDSB and QL Brass...


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