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Topic: OT: Cost to hire musician for recording?

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    OT: Cost to hire musician for recording?

    I'm working on a Christmas project right now -- an album of original arrangements of religious carols. (Some of you might have heard my arrangements in the Listening Room.) Most of it will be created using intstrument libraries, and some of it I'll record myself live, but I'm looking at maybe hiring a violinist, viola player and/or cellist for some of the more lyrical pieces -- I'm having a hard time getting a realistic sound myself. (I'm using Finale rather than a sequencer.) I know what recording studios around here cost, but what would the (approximate) cost to hire someone to play 15-20 minutes worth of music, most of it pretty easy and straightforward? And is there anyone y'all are aware of who does this sort of thing remotely? (I don't really care about proximity.)

    Anyway, any help would be very much appreciated. I just want to have a bit of a baseline before I get in way over my head...


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    Re: OT: Cost to hire musician for recording?

    Hannes is a member here and he plays violin very nicely.
    I believe he plays viola also, but I don't think he plays cello.
    I am pretty sure he has access to a cellist though. He might be a great source for you.


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    Re: OT: Cost to hire musician for recording?

    Hannes is only AWESOME! and teh man!

    He plays violin, viola AND cello (last I heard) and his recording equipment are top notch, as well as his technical abilities (I gave him a piece to look through and his response was nothing short of brilliant). His prices are perfectly reasonable as well and he can record string orchestras as well, by layering DIFFERENT violins (he has more than one) and EQ, doing a pretty nifty job there too.

    I can't recommend him enough, and I'm NOT getting paid to do that!

    His website would be http://www.strings-on-demand.com/ this one.

    BTW last I heard he charges by the second which is the most fair system of all. Not sure if he changed it since then.

    Send him a PM/e-mail and I'm sure you'll find that he's excellent in his services and his 'customer support' (ok, he's a single guy, but still very open to communication)

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