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Topic: Opinions on drum samples needed

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    Opinions on drum samples needed

    I\'m fairly new to sampling and using Gigasampler LE. I want to get some acoustic drum samples. I am considering;

    1 Purrrfect Drums - I have heard many good things about these, but am very unimpressed with the demos on the studio cat website.

    2 Interactive Drum Kits and Snares - I\'m very impressed with the demo, and they are coming out with an \"Akai Interactive\" format for use with software samplers.

    3 Double Platinum Drums - Collection of loops and samples on 4 CD-ROMs. The loops sound good and would be a nice bonus, not sure about the samples though. No Giga, only Akai format

    I would love to hear from anyone that has any experience with these. Thanks

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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed


    You\'ve not said what kind of production you\'re trying to create. Jazz, heavy metal, country, funk, grunge, classical an pop all have very different requirements for the drum sound.

    Give us a hint, and we can be of much greater help.


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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    I do mostly rock, pop, and funk stuff.

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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    Have you listened to the \"Topaz Studio Kits\"?
    These drums are recorded a bit differently. as it says in the manual:

    \"Our intent when recording this CD-ROM was to put together a collection of samples that could truly create all of the sonic nuances and realism of an actual acoustic drumset. Each kit was sampled as an entire unit, and not just a snare or tom all alone in a room. For example, when you hit a real tom you don\'t hear just the tom but rather the ringing of the other drums, cymbals, etc. just as you do on a real recorded set. All of the drums and cymbals contain multi-velocity hits which allows for very realistic rolls and ghost strokes.

    You will find on the disc a wide range of kits; from large rock kits, to studio and pop kits, as well as acoustic jazz and jungle drumkits. The samples are recorded as natural and dry as possible. This allows for maximum eq and processing flexibility.\"

    Here\'s some mp3 demos: http://www.worrasplace.com/demos/Topaz_StudKitV1_Demo.mp3 http://www.worrasplace.com/demos/Topaz_StudKitV1_Demo2.mp3 http://www.worrasplace.com/demos/Topaz_StudKitV1_Demo3.mp3 http://www.worrasplace.com/demos/Topaz_StudKitV1_Demo4.mp3

    Available through Bigga Giggas, www.biggagiggas.com


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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    The Peter Erskine kits are great drums, and they do the same thing (record as a kit, not individual drums) but they are not good for rock, or funk IMHO. The Steely Dan kit sounds great on Pop, but probably aree not flexible enough for your needs.


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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    My vote would definately be for the Purfect Drums. TONS of selection, great recordings, and a heck of a price!

    Just so no one thinks this a \"developer to developer\" plug for those of you who don\'t know I do drum/percussion and I\'m coming out with a drum set library eventually also!


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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    I needed some rock & pop kits & I just bought Pure Drums from yellowtools. 17 Drumkits and they all sound great. Each kit comes with another patch that contains it\'s snare with up to 50 different samples of that same snare.

    16 velocity switches on each of the toms, 16 on the kit snares, basses, and hats. 4 on the cymbals.

    Giga version also comes with 2 patches of \"Big Toms\" with 10 extra tom samples each, and each with 8 velocity splits.

    For $139 at soundsonline.com (incluiding shipping) I thought it was well worth it. (more than 3,000 samples).

    Enter \"xmas\" in the promotional code at checkout for this price.

    (I don\'t work for them).

    [This message has been edited by Robert Kral (edited 12-02-2001).]

    [This message has been edited by Robert Kral (edited 12-02-2001).]

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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    Thanks for all the replys. Unfortunately you guys are making this harder on me I think I have ruled out the Double Platinum set, and will think about the others.


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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    If i were you i\'d go for the purfect drums, from what i\'ve heard they seem mighty fine, though i know Phoenix doesn\'t like the snares, it\'s one i\'d lke to have in my library shelf. Also for the price Pure Drums is a pretty safe bet, or just wait for Donnie\'s library (like i am)and then decide.

    Franky www.vintaudio.com

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    Re: Opinions on drum samples needed

    note I edited my post above: the Pure Drums contain 16 velocity splits for the kit snares, toms and basses, not 8. They also contain left and right hand samples.

    Also listen to the demos. I\'ve heard lots of good things about Purrrfect drums but I don\'t like the sound of the demo, where as I did like the sound of Pure Drums. Perhaps its a matter of taste, or a matter of needing a better demo. Purrrfect drums demos do seem to indicate more perfomed rolls etc, however!

    Not to confuse you!!

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