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Topic: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

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    WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    Sorry for the off topic, but somehow I felt I needed to contact people about this...

    I live in Athens Greece and the last 5 days there's been 5 burgleries in our own road and neighbourhood. Nothing, or almost nothing was taken, since all 5 were done when the people were in the house. They just break the door lock (or open it with some electronic device) and then go in. The alarm goes off, in all 5 cases. They don't leave immediately. I'm not aware of any contact with them.

    Now, with 2 young kids I'm worried out completely here!

    I mean if they break in, without us being there, they can take whatever the heck they want. Either way the pianos and TV are too heavy, same are my monitors, etc. Laptop, digital camera, a few euros... Fine, I can live with that. And I have an insurance on theft.

    But if we're in? What then?

    So what you would do if you're in and people enter your house?

    Please, no guns in the house, nor this is a thread about gunning, ok?

    M thoughts are to have my phone with me so I can call 911 (100 in Greece), while at the same time find a way to lock myself away from them. Alternative (which I thought last night in panic), I just found some money and had them next to me in a "fake-ish" wallet which I would gladly part if I was to have no problem.

    Security, seems to be too late, police as well. These people don't stand around too long. Neighboors can't do much, we can't take the law in our hand, nor attack anyone by random.

    We are thinking, as a community, to hire a 24/7 security patrol car outside a few streets, but even then, with alarm on the house and fully locked doors... Still worried. Plus I fly often outside Greece, leaving my wife and 2 kids alone (her sister and family is upstairs, but no in the same appartement).

    Anyways, sorry to trouble you, but any idea would be most appreciated.


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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?


    The best security system in the world can not outdo a big dog. Criminals know better than trying to break-in to a house that has a dog. That way your family is safe while you are away too.

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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    Well I have a baseball bat in the house. If the police ask why on earth I had one to hand it's sporting equipment....that I happen to store under my bed.

    I actually have someone breaking into my garden on a nightly basis at the moment. They're coming in over the wall, but then opening our gate to let themselves out. Tonight they're going to wish they hadn't.

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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    Good luck David with that. The baseball bat is a good idea, actually!

    Ron, there isn't any room for a dog. Sadly Greek houses do NOT include garden... :-/

    I've talked to the police and some security offices (for patrolling and stuff). No idea what I'll do in the end. I'll keep you posted.

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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    Simple. A wedge, something like this. They never can open the door.


    Make it yourself of wood and anti-slippery material, so that it cannot slide.
    Works always.


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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    Many, many, many moons ago, I lived in an apartment in Boston, MA that had this Police Lock on the front door. Basically is was a long, steel rod that went from the lock on the door to the floor. It made is almost impossible to break in. I just did a "Google Search" and found this picture with the old-style Police Lock that i just described plus a newer one that goes across the door. Maybe a police lock of some form will help??

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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    In our old house we had a... ugh, I can't remember what it was called... I guess it was like a floor bolt, except it wasn't attached to anything. We had a little hole in the floor and in addition to locking the door we'd drop in the big metal bolt (or whatever it was called). The bottom half would slide in the hole, and the top half would sit up against the bottom of the door. So if someone tried to break in, they'd basically have to tear through our floor too, which they'd probably fail at.

    Hope you stay safe!
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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    First and foremost is you and your families safety. No material item or monetary amount is worth getting hurt over or even worse. The dog (big one) is probably one of the most deterrents to burglers than even a baseball bat, knife or gun. Early precautions can help hinder a break in even when you are home. Loud shrilling devices secured to the door frame with a magnet on the door can help as well. Once the door is ajar even an half inch the alarm will trigger sending one heck of an ear piercing high pitch tone! http://www.homesecuritystore.com/ezS...?productID=387 this baby screams!

    You may want to thing about planing an out in the event someone is in the midst of breaking your door in but having trouble, plan somewhere where you and yours can go to safety and call for help.

    Good luck and God watch over you!

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    Cool Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    every morning I meet a person that did this sort of thing got caught and served his time now he's on the other side so for his security I suggested this item and he loves it ,with a strong door , the crook would need a axe to get


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    Re: WAY OT - Burgleries while you're still inside? What to do?

    We have very large walls that encircle the house. They were originally walls for an orchard - so they are like walls that you would use today for growing all sorts of plants on.

    Recently, drunks were smashing bottles against the outside of one of the walls in the street - eventually I caught 2 of them and beat them up quite badly using a baseball bat and fists. One of them had a knife - that made me cross. But then again, I enjoy this type of thing.

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