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Topic: New to ARIA and Importing extra files

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    New to ARIA and Importing extra files

    I recently purchased an EWI USB and used it with the ARIA last night at a live event. It worked well. I am trying to understand how to use the import facility and load extra sound files to the ARIA to use with the EWI. I have read the information about soundfont sf2 files and tried to import them but they are not recognized by the ARIA. All I see is sfz. Can someone explain to me how to do this?

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    Re: New to ARIA and Importing extra files

    Hi Raymond, I have the Aria interface that came in Finale2009 and it will only recognize and load files with the .sfz extension, and not the .sf2 files.
    You could use an editor to change the file extension to .sfz if you wanted to use your .sf2 files. You could batch convert files, i.e. load your soundfonts2 files and then "save as" .sfz. It's really quite easy. There's a free soundfont editor here:


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    Re: New to ARIA and Importing extra files

    Hi John

    Thanks for the information. I will give it a go. This technology is taking a little time to master. A lot harder than my collection of "real" flutes, but it is a wonderful musical instrument. Opens up so many other options.

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    Re: New to ARIA and Importing extra files

    Oh boy, another Raymond. When reading the first reply, I thought: I never posted the original message. Then I saw that this originated from ChristianFlute. I think I will sign my messages not with Raymond, but with "The Dutch Raymond"........ hahahaha

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