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Topic: Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestra (AKAI)

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    Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestra (AKAI)


    I am planning to buy Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestra (AKAI) and i want to use this samples with finale 2009 .

    Is it possible to use this orchestra collection with finale 2009?


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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestra (AKAI)

    I haven't heard of Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestra, however if it is an instrument VST it should work with Finale.

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestra (AKAI)

    Hi, I think there have been several incarnations of the Peter Siedlaczek samples.
    The original Akai discs (which require a Sampler, either hardware or software, to play the samples), then there was a Giga library, and the most recently the Peter Siedlaczek Complete Orchestra in the Kontakt Player 2 format.
    The answer to your question may depend on whether you have the full version of Kontakt2 or 3 (not the Kontakt Player2). The full Kontakt can play the Akai samples. John

    There was a multi-page thread awhile back here on Northern Sounds concerning the newer version for the KP2:

    and you can google Peter Siedlaczek Complete Orchestra for an overview of the newer format.

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